Count on Cool-Off to help you cool guests at your next event! From portable misting systems to shade sails and cabanas, we offer a variety of solutions for event planners. We understand the importance of keeping cool and comfortable which is why we offer our top five Cool-Off products for event planners:

  1. Low Pressure Misting Tents: Perfect for outdoor events, this 10x10 tent offers misting on three sides, keeping vendors cool. Just connect to a garden hose and go!
  2. Portable Misting Fan: The 18” Portable Misting Fan is one of our newest products. Standing 56” in height, this fan has a 90 degree oscillating fan head, a 2.7 gallon reservoir that allows for up to five hours of refreshing mist.
  3. Sports Misting: Enjoy a cool mist while working a sporting event with our sports misting system. Cool athletes of all ages along the sidelines or cool your vendors and staff at your next sporting event.
  4. Patio Misting Systems: Have a favorite event venue? Create a relaxing environment when this misting system is added. Perfect for restaurants, cafes, bars, homes and other event venues.
  5. Outdoor Cabanas: Our free-standing units provide an attractive place to relax while at the same time protecting guests from the harsh sunlight. Perfect for weddings, engagement parties, corporate and other events, our cabanas come in a variety of colors and sizes.

For additional information about these and other Cool-Off products, please visit our website