file_2_29 In a recent post, we talked about the many benefits shade sails offer for enjoying the outdoor summer weather safely and comfortably. If you’re in the process of considering investing in a shade sail, there are a number of things you must take into consideration to ensure that the process goes smoothly and you end up with the result you’re looking for. The more you plan ahead, the fewer headaches you’ll have to deal with in the end. That said, here are some tips for planning for your new shade sails.

First, you’ll need to decide which type of shade sail would best suit your needs. This will help you determine how much work will go into getting it set up. For instance, if you’re just looking to shade a small area, a personal shade canopy may be the right choice. These require very little effort, as they come with a base and do not need to be installed. If you’re looking to shade a larger area, you’ll need to consider the following.

The next step is determining where the shade sail will go, and whether you’ll need assistance with the installation. If the space you’re considering is wide open with straightforward dimensions, the installation should be relatively simple. If this is not the case, you may need to get creative in finding fixing points where the shade can be attached. In either case, you will likely need the assistance of at least one other person.

Picking the location of your shade sail, particularly one that is not portable, is an important part of the process. Remember, one of the main benefits of shade sails is that they offer exceptional cooling relief from the sun without the need to build a more permanent structure like an awning or gazebo. To get the most out of your investment, choose a location where you will do most of your outdoor entertaining. Areas like patios, decks, gardens or pool areas are ideal for installing shade sails.

Once you’ve picked your location, you’ll need to measure the area to determine the size of the shade that will best meet your needs. Take accurate measurements of the perimeter and shape of the area, and determine which direction the sun will be coming from and how much of the area you wish to cover. The more details you have, the better the chances of your shade sail project going off without a hitch.

When the time comes to install your shade sail, the most important advice we can offer is to take your time and pay careful attention to every step. Shade sails are relatively straightforward DIY projects, but installing them properly and – more importantly – avoiding damage to the sail itself, require an attention to detail and a good deal of patience. Enlist the help of a few strong, reliable friends or, if you prefer, hire a third party to handle the installation for you – preferably someone that has experience in this type of project.

Investing in a shade sail can create a whole new dimension of enjoyment of your outdoor space, but it’s something that should be done with care. By following the tips provided here, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a lovely, cool and comfortable outdoor oasis.

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