patio heaters

If you’re planning an upcoming event and like the idea of your guests being able to go outdoors during the festivities, you may be considering a patio heater rental. Yet, while renting such a unit temporarily may seem like the best option, purchasing one of your own may actually turn out to be your best bet. Here are some of the reasons why buying is better than renting when it comes to patio heaters.

Greater selection. Of the few places that actually offer patio heaters for rent, few of them have much of a selection to choose from. Sure, you’ll end up with the heat you want, but chances are you won’t end up with anything that looks nice. In fact, with so many others having used and transported the rental units, what you end up with may look like it has seen better days. This can really put a damper on an otherwise elegant affair.

Better investment. If you’re going to spend money, it would be a wiser investment to put it toward your very own patio heater. In fact, the price difference between a rental and purchase can be surprisingly minimal. For instance, a rental may cost you $100 for a weekend while you could buy your own brand new heater for under $200 and get countless uses out of it.

Less hassle. You’ve got enough on your plate already with planning your party. Why add the extra stress of arranging for a patio heater rental? What if it gets there late or they send the wrong unit? What if they can’t deliver and you have to arrange to have the heater picked up? Purchasing your own ahead of time eliminates all of this hassle and lets you focus on all the other tasks on your to-do list.

Availability. Renting a patio heater may seem like an easy solution in theory, but you may find it’s harder than you originally anticipated. Even if there is a place nearby that offers this type of rental, there’s no guarantee that they’ll have an available unit for the date of your event. Having your own means you’ll always have the heater to use when and where you need it.

Liability. Whenever you rent something, you take on the responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. This can be an added worry that you don’t need to deal with during your party. What if someone bumps or knocks the unit over? How much money will you be out? When you use your own heater, you don’t have to be as concerned.

It’s yours forever. Well, at least until it’s no longer useable (which could be many years from now). Owning your own patio heater means you get to use it over and over again and won’t be limited to the short timeframe the rental is good for. This means you can extend your outdoor entertaining to as many weekends as you’d like for many years without having to worry about the cooler temps ruining all the fun.

If you’re thinking about renting a patio heater, you may be wise to reconsider and spend your money on a more permanent, pennywise choice: buying your own. If you’re wondering what your options are, check out our selection or give us a call 800-504-6478 – we can help. And, for now…stay warm, my friends.