Misting systems like the ones offered at are helpful to a variety of people including those who tend to greenhouses. Keeping plants and flowers, especially those of the tropical variety, requires humidity that can most easily be provided by a misting system.

What is humidity? It is the amount of water vapor in the air. When it rains, for example, the humidity level can be as high as 100% making it feel like the air is “sticky.” The higher the temperature and humidity, the higher the level of danger to you, your home, plants and pets.

Tropical plants need a certain level of humidity to thrive. Sudden drops in humidity levels can cause stress and even death to plants. The ideal level of humidity is 50-70% in a greenhouse which can be measured using wet and dry bulb thermometers as well as a hygrometric table. You may also choose a hygrometer that provides a reading for temperature and humidity.

Misting provides a regulated and consistent source of moisture to prevent this stress, keeping plants healthy. To learn more about our misting systems, please visit our website