With Summer Right Around the Corner, You Have to Ask Yourself if your Business is Ready for the Heat!

With Summer Right Around the Corner, You Have to Ask Yourself if your Business is Ready for the Heat!
With summer rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to ask yourself if your business is ready for the sweltering heat of summertime. Mitigating hot weather is especially important for business owners whose employees and customers are exposed to the heat. Below is a look five cost-effective ways your business can prepare for the dog days of summer.

Which Business Industries Need Extra Preparation for the Heat?

While nearly every type of business will feel the effects of the summer heat, there are some industries that need to pay special attention to combatting the summer heat. For the five industries below, failure to prepare for the heat can severely impact working conditions and revenue.
1) Restaurants and Cafes. A growing percentage of restaurants and cafes are catering to their clientele by offering outdoor seating. While dining outdoors is an effective means of driving business to restaurants during spring and fall months, some customers may shy away from the prospect of eating outdoors unless there is a means of cooling the eating environment.
2) Hotels and Resorts. Hotels and resorts count on their outdoor restaurants, patios, and pool areas to attract guests and generate revenue. When these areas become uncomfortably hot, guests will retreat to their air conditioned rooms. Even worse, they may decide to avoid a hotel or resort altogether if there are not outdoor cooling mechanisms in place.
3) Auto Repair Shops. When the summertime heat combines with heat produced by car engines in an auto repair shop, the resulting environment can be unbearable for mechanics and other staff. Auto repair shop owners who do not cool their shop environments run the risk of losing qualified staff to competitors.
4) Car Dealerships. Automobile dealerships can heat up quickly in the summer sun. Car dealers who fail to protect their employees, inventory, and customers from unbearable heat may see their business suffer as customers leave your business to shop for cars in a more comfortable environment.
5) Manufacturing Companies and Warehouses. The temperature inside a warehouse can quickly climb to over 100 degrees unless you implement a cooling solution. If you put off cooling your warehouse environment, the health and productivity of your employees may suffer due to heat exposure.

How to Prepare Your Business for the Heat

Preparing your business for the summertime heat should be viewed as part of your commitment to protecting the health and well-being of your employees and customers. The preparation process begins with your mindset and culminates with comfortable customers and employees. Below are five key steps that you can take to prepare your business for the heat of the summer:
1) Make creating a cool atmosphere your top priority. Fostering a cool environment at your business should be a top goal for the businesses outlined above. While there may be a few initial costs to reduce heat levels, it is important to remember that a few initial expenses are a drop in the bucket compared to the high cost of losing revenue, customers, and employees who cannot bear the heat.
2) Reduce humidity levels. While you can do nothing to control Mother Nature’s will, you can take measures to lower humidity levels at your business. One of the best ways to reduce humidity levels around your business is to install a high quality misting system. In addition to being cost-effective, misting systems are available in a variety of styles and pressure ranges. They are especially effective at resorts, restaurants, and automobile dealerships.
3) Shield your property from the sun. Using umbrellas and shade sails helps to reduce the heat while simultaneously protecting employees and customers from the harmful effects of the sun’s harmful rays.
4) Use cooling strategies to attract customers. By choosing the right products, you can cool your business while promoting your brand and attracting customers. For instance, Shademaker umbrellas, decorative canopies, and colorful shade sails capture the attention of passers-by in search of an outdoor meal or a new vehicle.
5) Enlist the guidance of an outdoor cooling expert. The best way to prepare your business for the summertime heat is to seek the expertise of a trusted cooling expert. Choosing an experienced provider of cooling solutions will help drive prospects to your business and ensure that you do not lose staff and customers to your competition. With guidance from an outdoor cooling expert such as Cool-Off, you will keep your customers and employees cool and happy.
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