1. Keeping Your Fast Food Play-Place Cool and Inviting All Year Round

    Keeping Your Fast Food Play-Place Cool and Inviting All Year Round
    Common american indoors playgroundOne of the major draws of a well built and child-friendly fast food restaurant is the play place. Kids often beg their parents to go just for the opportunity to burn off their burgers, sodas, and chocolate shakes by running around, climbing through, and sliding down the features of your unique and colorful equipment. Able to get their food and settle in quickly, parents are also big fans of the fast food play-place as it gives them the opportunity to kick back with a book, music, or work on their mobile devices while their kids expend some energy. However, if your play-place is outdoors in a region that can really heat up, even a shady awning might not be enough
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  2. Misting Tents Make Summer Landscaping Survivable

    Misting Tents Make Summer Landscaping Survivable
    As summer rolls around, the days get hotter, the sun gets more intense, and everyone is tempted to take afternoons off just to beat the heat. Unfortunately, lawns don't stop growing just because it's too hot to go out there and mow them. From the public parks to your private lawn, the brave landscaping teams that work through the summer months have a tough job ahead of them: not getting heat stroke while pushing heavy lawn mowers up and down sun-drenched fields. There are, in fact, an unfortunately large number of heat related illnesses and landscapers are constantly at risk. The good news is that as technology marches forward, a solution for everything eventually appears, and misting tents are a great way to help protect sun-exposed
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  3. The Profitability of Cool Misty Dining All Year Round

    The Profitability of Cool Misty Dining All Year Round

    During the cooler months of the year, many customers prefer the breezy luxury of patio dining at their favorite restaurant. Building a popular outdoor dining area involves a combination of shady privacy and appealing street view. When artfully done, customers on the sidewalk will look in and see how lovely your patio dining is while customers on the patio will feel exclusive and secluded at their shaded outdoor tables. However, during the hottest summer months, suddenly that lucrative patio space 'dries up' so to speak as customers dive for the AC cooled dining rooms. How can you keep some of your best seating open during the summer? The answer is to keep your patio cool with subtle and enjoyable misting.

    How Misting Works

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  4. Support Youth Athletics and Keep Kids Safe with Cooling Tents

    Support Youth Athletics and Keep Kids Safe with Cooling Tents

    Youth athletics are a great way to bring your family together. Everyone loves to cheer on their local team, and youth athletics help children and teens gain team-building skills, develop their athletic talents, and get plenty of exercise in a positive, supervised environment. However, extreme heat puts a damper on even the best youth athletic activities. Fortunately, there's an easy way for parents and friends to support youth athletics, even in the hot summers. Cool off your team in the shade of a misting tent, or set one up to watch your kids play in the sun. Is a misting tent right for you? Read on to learn more about these amazing products.

    Reduce risk of heat exhaustion

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  5. The Big Advantages of Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off

    The Big Advantages of Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off
    When the heat of summer really kicks into high gear, keeping workers cool can be an enormous task, opening up the possibility of damaging heat stress and related health problems if employers don’t take environment control seriously. While finding the right solution can be tricky, particularly for open-air work sites, industrial scale misters can not only keep your workers cool and focused but can help mitigate equally troublesome dust particles that also can plague a workplace. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages of using industrial-grade misters to help make ensure a work environment that is both healthy and productive even during the hottest
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  6. Youth Athletics Cooling: Keeping the Sun at Bay

    Youth Athletics Cooling: Keeping the Sun at Bay
    little league baseball player up to batYouth sports can be one of the most wholesome activities that you’re likely to find, bringing together some healthy competition and good old-fashioned parental excitement to complete the atmosphere. But even though everything can feel almost sublime on the perfect sunny day, bubbling underneath the surface lurks the very real dangers of dehydration, hyponatremia or even heat stroke if the proper precautions aren’t taken. More than just applying sunscreen and making sure young athletes stay hydrated, utilizing products like misting tents, portable misters, and even patio umbrellas can prove a relatively inexpensive way to give your athletes the refuge from
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  7. Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling

    Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling

    You care about the welfare of your employees. You listen and sympathize when they talk about not being able to do their jobs properly because of the heat. Summers, especially in the Southern and Western United States, can be brutal. The heat can take its toll on your employees and even impact the way you do business. Heat-related conditions can be serious, and even deadly. The United States Department of Labor reported that 2,630 workers suffered from heat-related illnesses while on the job in 2014. Overheating can cause a host of health problems for your employees, including heat stroke and heat exhaustion. People who work outdoors in extreme heat are at risk. This includes agricultural workers and construction workers. However, heat-related problems don't just occur for employees who work outdoors. The Centers

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  8. Boost Your Restaurant's Annual Profits with Cool Patio Dining All Year

    Boost Your Restaurant's Annual Profits with Cool Patio Dining All Year

    For many regions, the temperature rise in spring is only a harbinger of the hot summer months to come. During the summer, people go out more, vacations are planned, and tourism picks up practically everywhere. This rise in temperature, sunny weather, and happy activity has a huge impact on restaurants who stand to benefit from the business brought by summer traffic. In hotter areas, many restaurants face an interesting summer challenge, that of packed indoor tables and empty patio seating. Most of the year, the patio is a wonderfully cool place to eat out in the breeze and get free from the busy dining room, but in the hottest part of summer, everyone wants to sit in the air conditioning. Fortunately, this doesn't mean your patio seating is closed until sundown. As it often does, science and modern technology have a solution: mist-cooling

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  9. Cooling Ideas for Youth Athletic Events

    Cooling Ideas for Youth Athletic Events

    Sports are fun for young athletes and their parents, but what's not always so much fun is sitting in the hot sun during a race or a soccer or baseball game. For the parent, the heat can greatly diminish the joy of being out there with your kids. For the athlete, high temperatures can affect performance, and adults aren't the only ones who are susceptible to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke; in fact, kids may be at a greater risk for heat-related illness: "...a child's body surface area makes up a much greater proportion of his overall weight than an adult's, which means children face a much greater risk of dehydration and heat-related illness." Aside from this potentially serious possibility, being overly hot depletes a child's energy and make the game a

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  10. Find Refuge from the Sun with Cool-Off: Maximizing Outdoor Space

    Find Refuge from the Sun with Cool-Off: Maximizing Outdoor Space
    Swanky hotel pool deck and patio. A restaurant or home’s most impressive feature can often be the outdoor areas, although the oppressive heat of the summer can significantly hamper the ability to enjoy the fresh air. Fortunately, a wealth of available options not only can allow your business or residential property to survive the summer heat but actually help it to thrive when the temperatures hit their peak. Here’s a look at the top four reasons to transform your outdoor space and find refuge from the sun with Cool-Off.  

    Avoid that sun burn with umbrellas and shade sails:

    Just about everyone loves to be outside in the summer but nobody wants to pay the price with a brutal sunburn at the end of it. Although there are plenty of helpful options when it comes
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