1. Increase Your Outdoor Dining Area's Appeal Today

    Increase Your Outdoor Dining Area's Appeal Today

    For restaurants interested in attracting more diners throughout the sunny days of Spring and Summer, patio dining areas are a priority. This is a lucrative trend but an establishment will only benefit if their decks and patios have the right comfort features. For the latest in outdoor dining comfort, a business strategy will find their clientele's best refuge from the Sun with Cool-Off products.

    ROI: When it comes to planning a patio dining area, or to upgrade an existing one, the first step is to prepare a budget. Once the numbers have been crunched, there is one more thing to consider for that final tally, your return on investment (ROI). Industry research reveals that a restaurant with an al fresco dining option has the potential to increase its revenue by as much as 30%. Other restaurant professionals claim an even

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  2. A Fogging or Cooling System Can Help You Make the Most of Your Private or Commercial Oasis

    A Fogging or Cooling System Can Help You Make the Most of Your Private or Commercial Oasis

    If you are like most people, one of your favorite places to be is lounging beside a pool or your favorite watery oasis. You may have even spent a considerable amount of time and money to have one designed in your own back yard. Regardless of your reasoning or application, a Fogging System from can meet your needs. Cool-Off offers kits ranging from basic residential kits, to complex commercial space kits. Each available kit includes Cool-Off’s exclusive technology consisting of 1000 PSI premium pumps, nozzles, and fittings. Cool-Off also offers special fog riser which can add dramatic effects to any space including landscapes, pool areas, fountains, grottos, or just about any custom application.

    Pool Builders

    As a pool builder, the design and unique nature of the products you offer your client could mean the difference between having more clients than you have time to service, and only
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  3. Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off

    Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off

    Everyone loves eating outside. There's something special about being in the open air, but still enjoying time sitting around a table with friends and loved ones. Of course, as any restaurant owner with an outside seating area knows, that real estate is not going to be occupied the whole year. In fact, outdoor seating is only useful as long as the weather is nice. As soon as it gets too cold, or too hot, people would rather stay indoors where the climate is comfortable, and carefully controlled. But what if you could provide your customers with the best of both worlds by helping them beat the heat while sitting outside in the fresh air? That's where Cool-Off, and our unique comfort solutions, comes into play. At Cool-Off, it's our job to allow your customers to enjoy the sun, without getting baked by it. To that end, we have a laundry list of products that can take your outdoor seating area, and keep it comfortable even on days where the mercury doesn't want to stop

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  4. Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off: Understanding How Misting Fans Work

    Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off: Understanding How Misting Fans Work

    If you've ever been walking in the hot sun at a theme park, an open air concert, or a similar event, chances are good you've come across a misting fan before. Whether it was a misting tent that people could walk through/rest in, or just misting fans set up on a patio to keep the area comfortable for diners, these devices always lower the temperature by a significant degree. But why do they do that? Most of us think we know the answer, but a majority of people don't actually understand how these fans work. Which is too bad, because the science behind their simplicity is something we can use to cool down practically any area.

    Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off: How Misting Fans Work

    Misting fans are fairly simple devices. The base is a simple fan, the same sort you have in your office or living room for when you need some relief from the heat. Attached to the basic fan is a mister. The mist puts water vapor in front of the fan,
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  5. Find Refuge from the Sun with Patio Umbrellas From Cool-Off

    Find Refuge from the Sun with Patio Umbrellas From Cool-Off
    Outdoor patio and water feature shaded by an umbrella. You've invested in that beautiful outdoor space, now you can better extend its use throughout the seasons with our patio umbrellas. Translucent fabrics filter light while bouncing many of those unwanted UV rays back out into the atmosphere. Find refuge from the sun with one of Cool-Off's patio umbrellas.

    Umbrella Frames

    Select the frame that suits your style even as it addresses your need for serious functionality. We offer aluminum, fiberglass and wood umbrella frames. Consider the advantages of each as you make your selection. Aluminum patio umbrellas offer more possibilities for opening and closing - remote control, crank, pulley, quick lift and manual lift. Flexible tilting
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  6. Even a Cool-Off System Can't Control This Scorching Opportunity for America's Future Leaders in Innovation: Introducing the Cool-Off $1,000 Scholarship Program

    Cool-Off Announces $1,000 Scholarship Program for America's Future Leaders in Innovation Fort Worth, Tx., April 20, 2017- The Innovators of tomorrow are getting a helping hand today, and it's all thanks to a company from Fort Worth Texas. Beginning in the Fall of 2017, will give one lucky student per year, a scholarship of $1000 to be paid in the Fall semester. This scholarship is to assist with books, tuition, food costs, housing fees, or other expenses. The scholarship is intended to promote the company's belief that the students of today, will be the changers of tomorrow, and is putting its money in the same place as its mouth. Cool-Off's mission is to improve the lives of people everywhere
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  7. Seven Reasons Why You Should Add a Fogging System to Your Home or Business Landscaping

    Seven Reasons Why You Should Add a Fogging System to Your Home or Business Landscaping

    Enhancing the beauty and mystique of your property in an innovative, cost-effective manner is not always easy. And keeping your grounds cool during the dog days of summer can present an even bigger challenge. Fogging systems offer a comprehensive solution to both of these challenges. Below is a look at the top seven reasons why a fogging system is a great addition to your pool or patio area.

    Who Should Consider Adding Fogging a Fogging System to Their Landscaping?

    The answer is simple: Any business owner or homeowner who wishes to keep their guests cool while giving their property an exquisite appearance. Fogging offers an aesthetically pleasing way of cooling your property while eliminating dust from the air. Accordingly, fogging systems are particularly beneficial to the following professionals:
    • Landscape architects who must design innovative surroundings for homes, clubs, and parks
    • Hotel and resort managers who must
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  8. With Summer Right Around the Corner, You Have to Ask Yourself if your Business is Ready for the Heat!

    With Summer Right Around the Corner, You Have to Ask Yourself if your Business is Ready for the Heat!
    With summer rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to ask yourself if your business is ready for the sweltering heat of summertime. Mitigating hot weather is especially important for business owners whose employees and customers are exposed to the heat. Below is a look five cost-effective ways your business can prepare for the dog days of summer.

    Which Business Industries Need Extra Preparation for the Heat?

    While nearly every type of business will feel the effects of the summer heat, there are some industries that need to pay special attention to combatting the summer heat. For the five industries below, failure to prepare for the heat can severely impact working conditions and revenue.
    1) Restaurants and Cafes.
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  9. How to Turn Your Misting Fan into a Smart-Home Automatic Misting Fan

    How to Turn Your Misting Fan into a Smart-Home Automatic Misting Fan

    Over the last two years, an incredible wave of innovation has taken both the business and private consumer worlds. The desire for IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart-home automation has skyrocketed from minimal interest from only the nerdiest consumers to a worldwide desire for voice controlled wifi-gadgets. It started with the smart lights, both more energy efficient and controllable from a mobile app, quickly followed by things like the smart thermostat and integrated home security systems. With the introduction of the Google smart home assistant and the notorious Amazon Alexa along with smart home hubs that listen and talk to you, the nation went wild. We simply have to have smart-everything.

    Smart Everything

    What do we mean by everything? Surely there are some things that can't be made smart, right? Think again. There are already smart ovens and refrigerators, smart dog collars, smart egg cartons, and smart potted plants. There are smart coffee machines,
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  10. Make Your Back Yard Great Again!

    Make Your Back Yard Great Again!

    We don’t know about you, but we’re relieved that the race for the white house is finally over and we can all take this opportunity to cool off for a bit. With most of the country still dealing with end of summer heat, we’ve been making videos to help you see how your back yard or outdoor event can benefit from all our amazing misting and shade gear… Our high pressure fogging systems are extremely popular around the end of the year, perfect for grottos and anywhere you want to add a cooling fog, these systems now include our newest high pressure misting pumps.

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