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Commercial Fogging Kits are hugely popular with the entertainment industry. Fog Risers & Fogging Nozzles produce a multitude of effects for Theme Parks, Water Parks, Restaurants & Resorts, Casinos, Fun Centers, Zoos & Aquariums, and Museum Exhibits & Displays. Our customized packages offer a myriad of fogging accessories that can be used to create visual effects that are both mysterious and mesmerizing.

A misting or fogging system works through water evaporation. Water is sprayed through a series of nozzles at high pressure to produce billions of minuscule water droplets. The droplets have a large evaporating surface area. This cools down the air, and since the droplets are so fine and evaporate quickly, a fogging system does not require additional heat or energy to accomplish this. This makes a high pressure fogging system a very cost-effective way to cool off large areas.

A high pressure fogging system requires a minimum psi to be effective. Anything less than 500 psi will create water droplets that are too large to evaporate rapidly enough to reduce the air temperature. The systems spray a fine mist or fog that leaves no trace of moisture on objects or people. It cools down the air and keeps your workers, family or guests cool and comfortable. The commercial fogging systems sold by Cool-Off work use industry-standard 1000 psi in all their commercial-sized misting systems.

Cool-Off uses patented ceramic and stainless steel nozzles in each misting system sold to effectively and efficiently produce the fog or mist and create the cooling effect. There is a broad range of high-pressure systems available to cool down your business, warehouse, or patio. Prices are extremely competitive with all the commercial fogging systems sold. There is a unit to fit all budgets.

For industrial purposes, especially in more arid climates, Industrial Fogging Kits can be used for turbine cooling, by increasing the power output of gas turbines through increasing the inlet air density with significant energy savings.

HVAC/Humidification Fogging Systems can assist in process stability by reducing static electricity with minimal operating costs.

Odor Control fogging systems eliminate or greatly reduce microbial decomposition odors and noxious smells from food processing plants, composting facilities, landfills, refineries, and numerous waste processing venues.

Cool-Off Fogging Systems are very effective in Dust Control and Dust Suppression for industrial sites that can be both a health hazard and impact on operating machinery.

All kits sold by Cool-Off come with all the required hardware, filters and accessories for easy installation and to keep your system running for a full year. Use the units for home patios or gardens, restaurant outdoor seating areas, warehouses or in industrials settings and elsewhere.

Fun, simple to install, and costing little to operate, the systems come in a broad range of colors and accessories. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in customizing the perfect system for your needs.

Each commercial high pressure fogging kit includes:

  • High pressure misting system pump module (1000 PSI High Pressure Premium Edition Pump)
  • 100' of Nylon 11 tubing (Black). Tubing can be painted to match the color of walls if desired.
  • Filtration system & Feeder Hoses
  • 14" length, 3 headed fogging risers (.012") and 14" Length Single Headed Risers
  • All necessary hardware to install complete fog system (Tube Cutters, Rubber Mounting Clamps, Nickel Plated Slip-Lock Fittings and Plugs)
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