1000 Psi Misting Pump

Misting pumps are ingenious ways of cooling a home or office without incurring high energy bills. They can be stationary or wall-mounted to facilitate cooling in any direction. If you are looking to install a mister system, you have come to the right place. Cool-Off stocks high-performance misters fitted with a durable 1000PSI misting pump. We recommend the 1000psi pump if you want a boost in mister performance at an affordable rate.

Less energy consumption

Our 1000-psi misting pump is rated 110ac and only consumes 3amp of power. It provides enough pressure for finer mist droplets without driving up energy bills. Whether you want to cool a large or small area, the 1000-psi pump has enough power to provide excellent cooling, even on low settings.   

Size Variety

Our 1000-psi pump is available in various sizes including 1.4 GPM, 1.0 GPM, and 0.5 GPM. GPM or Gallons per minute is the flow rate of each pump. Our 1.4 GPM pump can cool large areas, including conference halls and hotel balconies. Our 0.5 GPM pump has enough pressure to cool small spaces in your home. Our 1000-psi pump is scalable to suit specific cooling needs.

Fine Mist Production

High-performance mister pumps work on one rule; the more pressure comes from the pump, the finer the droplets will produce. Our 1000-psi pump produces enough power to release ultra-fine mist droplets. This allows for flash evaporation with minimal moisture residue.

Advanced Filtration System

All our 1000-psi misting pumps feature a 5-micron filtration system. This filtration system effectively blocks out dust, debris, and microparticles from reaching the pump nozzles. The result is an ultra-fine mist free of allergens or pathogens.


We source the best misting parts to assemble the 1000-psi pump. It comes with a metal enclosure resistant to rust and dents. In addition, all fittings are of high quality to ensure the pump runs efficiently. We also supply replacement parts for our high-pressure pumps on request.

Great Coverage

Our high-pressure mister pump will handle up to 80 nozzles in a single mist line. In addition, we can install elbow fittings and in-line tees to increase the pump's coverage. We recommend high-quality double-blade fans to boost the pump's range up to 100ft.

Pump Accessories

We sell all our 1000-psi pumps with the required accessories. Besides the main pump, the shipment package will include compression fittings, high-pressure tubs, stainless steel clamps, and stainless steel misting nozzles. We also supply misting rings for high-performance fans.

No Mess

Our 1000-psi misting pumps are unlike conventional cooling units. Worry not about wet floors or mold caused by a leaking pump. All our pump fittings are manufactured to industry standards to eliminate spillage.

Are you looking for a high-performance pump for maximum mist conversion? Our 1000-psi pump guarantees faster evaporation without moisture residue. In addition, we assemble our high-pressure pumps with quality materials to increase their durability. When you order a high-pressure misting pump from us, we will ship the pump with all the necessary misting accessories for a seamless installation.

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  1000 Psi Misting Pump

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