Misting System Nozzles

Misting systems have proved efficient in keeping outdoor spaces cool and ensuring workers' and visitors' comfort in public establishments. If you're familiar with one, you'd agree that the system is only as efficient as the nozzle. At Cool-Off, we go out of our way to provide everything you need to get the best out of your misting system, and that's why we have a variety of top-grade misting system nozzles for sale at the most affordable prices. Here's a highlight of some of them: 

Micro-Jet Misting Nozzles

The Micro-Jet Ceramic Replacement Misting Nozzles come in red and green options. Some customers prefer one to the other because they serve different climates. However, owning both options allows you to use your misting fan system in any environment. You get the best results when you combine these nozzles with a new inline filter. You can get the Micro-Jet Misting Nozzles on our site at a discounted price of $22.00 instead of its old price of $26.00.

 Brass Nozzle Plug

With a "10/24" thread, this brass misting nozzle plug is designed to fit your specific mist nozzle. It is built for ultimate customization and convenience, so you can easily regulate the spray from the misting nozzles. That way, you can save more water without losing out on the cooling experience that a high-pressure mist offers when the weather is hot! You can get a bag of 5 brass misting nozzle plugs for $15.00 on our site, which is as good as a bargain as it gets.

Fog Riser 

This $28.00, single, brass fog riser nozzle is a great replacement nozzle designed to extend the lifespan of the nozzles on your fogging system. It is pre-assembled and comes in the following options: .006 inch, .008 inch, and .014 inch nozzle.

If you are looking for a fine mist, then you should opt for the .006 inch nozzle. In contrast, each of the .008 inch and the .014 inch nozzles produce successively thicker mists. It is durable and comes with a heavy-duty fitting that makes it compatible with any tubing your mist system uses: nylon or copper. Rated for 1500 PSI, it is built for high-pressure systems alone.

Micro-Mist Brass Nozzle

The Micro-Mist Brass Misting Nozzle works on all low-pressure misting systems and misting fans and mid-pressure misting systems and misting fans. It is a new product that is already taking the world of misting systems by force. All you need to upgrade your misting system to a refreshing fog system is this $29.95 brass nozzle with stainless steel tips that comes in a bag of 12. Its 10/24" thread makes it easily customizable too. However, it cant be used for high-pressure systems.

Misting Fan Micro-Jet Ceramic Nozzle Assembly

 These durable ceramic misting nozzles are easily customizable and will not rust as easily as metal or plastic nozzles will. It comes in green(0.006") and red(0.008") options that are designed for very hot desert climates and most climates, respectively. Either option can upgrade your misting system and create a comfortable mist for your outdoor events. It goes for $75.00. 

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Misting System Nozzles Misting System Nozzles
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