Portable Mister

Cool-Off has a wide selection of portable misting fans for sale. Our portable mister systems provide excellent cooling for both small and large spaces.

Our Cooling Technology

Our portable misting system uses new and improved cooling technology. The technology uses water to combine with heat and cause flash evaporation. In addition, a high-pressure pump disperses steam through tiny nozzles in uniform droplets.

This technology effectively cools your space without producing residual water or wet surfaces. It reduces water wastage, common with conventional cooling systems.

Size Variety

Our company offers different sizes of portable misters. Talk to us for reliable recommendations for the best size mister for your space. Cool-Off cares about your specific cooling needs. Tell us the size of your space and the number of people it typically accommodates. Our sales team will then advise on the best portable mister for your budget.

It is essential to choose the right size mister for your needs. Oversized misters use more energy, require more water, and are likely to leave residual moisture. Undersized portable misters will not provide the amount of cooling you need.

Large Capacity Misters

Our portable misting outdoor cooling system can cool your entire space. Avoid using portable misters with small tanks because they do not provide reliable cooling for outdoor spaces. Our portable misters feature large tanks to cool your restaurant patio, greenhouse, or dining area effectively.

Adjustable Speed and Cooling Angles

A distinct feature of our portable mister is the inbuilt speed adjuster. This allows you to tweak your mister's speeds to cool a room faster or maintain the desired temperature for longer. In addition, our portable misters have a 180-degree movement. The inbuilt nozzle covers all angles of a room, providing uniform cooling.

Durable Products

All our portable misters are made from lightweight aluminum. They are lightweight and durable to serve you for longer. In addition, all internal mister components are made from high-quality materials to ensure the mister runs effectively without experiencing mechanical or electrical problems.

Never Run Out Of Power

A common issue when providing cooling on the go is having a consistent power supply. Our portable mist sprayer has inbuilt batteries that continuously run the mister pump. This allows you to enjoy hours of cooling without relying on AC currents.

You can rely on our mister to operate at different speeds using the same batteries. In addition, these inbuilt batteries provide enough power to vary pump pressure. This allows you to modify the intensity of the cooling as you wish.

Increased Productivity

Our affordable portable mister allows you to stay productive wherever you go. You can use it to keep your employees and guests comfortable. You can also use our outdoor mister to cool mechanical or electrical equipment on your premises. The cool breeze from the mister enables your machines to continue running without overheating.

Our portable misters can cool all kinds of homes and workspaces. They feature large tanks to cool small and large rooms effectively. Get our portable mister to cool your machines and improve your home or workplace comfort. Call us at 800-504-6478 if you need help finding the right product.

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