Water Misting Cooling System

Consider the benefits of owning a water misting cooling system your family and friends can enjoy throughout the summer months while spending time in your back yard. Cool-Off has a wide selection of misters, from small pool deck misting set-ups to industrial-size misters that can keep your entire work force from overheating in the middle of the summer. Whatever your needs, big or small, Cool-Off can keep you under budget when you purchase one of our misting systems for sale online.

3 Benefits of Owning a Water Cooling Misting System

1. There’s no better way to beat the heat than by turning on a misting system that instantly cools off the outdoor temperature by 20-30 degrees. Enjoy your patio to a whole new degree; get out of the heat when you’re gardening, or create a custom oasis for kids of all ages to play in when the sun is high in the sky.

Misting creates a process called flash evaporation that is able to turn any outdoor space into a comfortable environment. If you’re ready to reclaim your back yard from the summer sun, check out the best water cooling systems on the market- from Cool-Off.

2. If you enjoy entertaining in your back yard, you’ll want a water misting cooling system to keep things comfortable during the heat of the summer. Most of our misting systems for sale online at Cool-Off are available at discount prices- many up to 50% off of our regular price. Browse our inventory to find deep discounts on the best water cooling systems, outdoor water misting equipment, water misting accessories and part components, cabanas, patio umbrellas, and many other items, as well.

Everyone loves cooling off underneath one of our misters when working around the yard or just relaxing outdoors. Our best misting systems are budget-friendly, too.

3. If you manage a warehouse or workplace area that’s not air-conditioned, you can give your employees a break from the heat at lunchtime or during their coffee break by installing one of our misting systems in an outdoor area and providing access to cool and refreshing mist. Taking a break at intervals throughout the day and being able to lower one’s body temperature can boost morale on the job and give your workers a reason to show up and perform their best.

Keep things simple with an easy-to-install water misting cooling system from Cool-Off- you’ll find many to choose from in our stock. Consider our misting tents and Mister Brella misting umbrellas, as well, for an easy way to mist any outdoor space.

Ask the Experts

Request assistance from one of our experts online by accessing our Ask the Experts section where you’ll find our email address, contact form, and phone number. Feel free to reach out to our staff if you’re not sure which of our misting systems is right for your environment. You’ll always find the best deals on our website when shopping for a cool way to enjoy your summer.

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Water Misting Cooling System Water Misting Cooling System
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