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Architect Calabasas

Architect Calabasas

You have selected an architect for your house construction or renovation, and you have gotten to the interview stage. Any quality architect project will be as the result of quality conversations between you and the architect, so you want the conversations to be as productive as possible.

Working with an architect firm that listens to your distinctive needs will help ensure that your house project becomes a reflection of your dreams. We encourage you to sit down with your potential architect firm Calabasas and get the conversation started. We have put together a list of questions that will help build your dream house.

What is the estimated timeline for my project?

While you may want to move into your renovated or custom dream home as soon as possible, it is important to have a realistic understanding of the timeline involved in a custom project. The time it takes the architect to design your dream home may depend on how clearly you communicate what you want. Moreover, try to ask your architect firm how long it usually takes them to complete a similar project.

What experience do you have working in Calabasas?

Each city can have its own design and zoning guidelines. Moreover, the process of getting a permit, and the time it takes to get a permit can vary significantly depending on your location. For instance, Calabasas has certain design guidelines that must be met. Talk with your architect firm Calabasas about their experience in Calabasas. Though this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, it can be valuable if your architect firm knows the ins and outs of working in Calabasas.

Who will be managing my project?

Unless you hire a sole architect, there is a good chance your initial contact isn’t the one who will handle your actual design project. Good communication is imperative to a successful project, so it is important to meet the lead architect for your design before hiring the company. You will have a close relationship with the lead architect, so ensure you get the contact information.

Do you have a particular style?

Most architect firms pride themselves on their ability to adapt, which allows them to customize their style to meet your needs. But some architects have a superseding design feeling they bring to every design project. For instance, an architect might specialize in reinterpretations of historic houses or modernism. By talking about the architectural style upfront, you can determine whether the firm is right for you or not. 

How do you charge?

How architect firms charge depends on the complexity of the projects and the services you need from them. Some architects will charge you a lump sum at regular intervals, fixed price sum, while others will charge you on a daily or hourly rate, and more. It is important to be clear about how the fees will be charged and when you need to pay – either before or after the project.

Choosing the best architect firm Calabasas

You will find these questions helpful during your architect firm selection process. And, of course, you should consider Van Parys architect & Design if you are looking for an architect firm in the Calabasas area.


Architect Calabasas
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