Automatic Misting System

A portable misting system provides ample cooling on the go. You could use it as an alternative or complement for a faulty or less powerful AC.  Portable misters operate on the principle of thermal dynamics. As water droplets come out from the mister, they absorb surrounding heat.

Features of a Portable Mister

A portable hand-held personal water mister has four main parts, including:

  • A water reservoir,
  • Water pump,
  • Spray nozzles
  • Mister Fan

High pressure from the pump pushes water from the reservoir through the spray nozzles. Water going through the nozzles becomes aerosolized and forms a cooling mist.

An excellent mister should have adequate water capacity to cool an entire space for a prolonged period. The larger the reservoir, the more efficient the mister can be in cooling a room.

A mister pump determines the efficiency of the cooling system. A high-pressure pump will generate enough pressure to push water through the nozzles. It produces ultra-fine and lightweight mist droplets that can cover longer distances for effective cooling.

You also need to think about fan power when buying a portable mister. The best misting portable fans for sale have high-performance fans that can disperse mist up to 800 square feet. This is beneficial for people who use the mister for prolonged periods.

Another feature to consider in a portable misting machine is running power. A 12-volt battery-powered mister is the standard model on the market. Such a mister can provide 8-hours of ample cooling before the next recharge. In addition, a 12-volt mister can power an 8-gallon tank for several hours.

Benefits of Portable Misting Systems

Portable misters come in handy when you have a faulty or ineffective car cooling system. It can create an excellent cooling effect inside a car.

Portable misters can also reduce cooling costs in your home. An inbuilt HVAC system uses more power and water, which can increase your electricity bills. In addition, a mobile misting system has enough water capacity and is battery-powered to cool your home for hours.

A commercial portable misting system can increase individual productivity in various commercial settings. Portable misting systems can provide excellent cooling in movie sets, oil fields, military camps, and commercial farms. You can also use these mobile cooling systems in outdoor events and hotel patios.

Portable misting systems increase customer satisfaction. Consumers will be happy to spend more time on your premises, away from the scorching heat. Besides cooling patios, commercial hotels and restaurants can use mobile misting systems for odor control, which raises hotel living standards.

Mobile misters in food processing plants help to preserve product freshness. Summer heat tends to cause food to go bad quicker. A mobile mister can release enough mist to cool the room and keep the fresh produce moist.

Mobile misters are excellent features for indoor and outdoor cooling. They use fewer power resources to operate and enhance comfort in a space. Please call us at 800-504-6478 or shop now at for the best misting systems

Automatic Misting System

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