Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella

As the spring and summer approaches, you may have to spend more time outside. However, you can only enjoy your summertime outside if you have ample shade to protect you and your guests from the hot sun. Patio umbrellas are the perfect solution for this, but choosing the right patio umbrellas can be challenging.

If you're looking for the best patio umbrella, you'll need to define your preferences first. Are you looking to match your outdoor furniture? Are you concerned about durability during changing weather conditions? Or do you only want to compliment your home's architectural design?

Answering these questions sets you on the right path.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Patio Umbrella

There are several factors to consider when buying your patio umbrella, depending on your budget, environment, and preference. Some of these factors include:

Umbrella Style

Your outdoor furniture layout, space constraints, and expected usage are all factors that influence your choice of style of patio umbrella. There are two categories of patio umbrella styles to choose from: Center Pole Umbrella and Cantilever Patio Umbrella (Offset Umbrella).

The center pole umbrellas typically have a pole running from the top of the canopy to the base. It is the most common type of outdoor umbrella. It is further categorized into three:

  • Market umbrella – It is the most popular center pole umbrella and usually comes in an octagonal or round shape with a clean edge.

  • Beach umbrella – Usually comes in a simple design with a round shape and hanging valances at the edges.

  • Half umbrella – specially designed with one flat side, allow it to be placed against a wall. Perfect of backyards with confined spaces.

On the other hand, cantilever patio umbrellas have their canopies supported from the side and above, allowing them to freely hangover a variety of furniture configurations. If you're shading a dining table or other furniture that does not have a center hole, a cantilever patio umbrella will be your best choice. Some of the best cantilever patio umbrellas can also rotate 3600, making them more versatile.

Here are some of the best cantilever patio umbrellas in 2021:

Type of Pole or Frame

Your patio umbrella’s pole type contributes to its durability in a windy or moist environment. It can also influence how much it complements the home's architectural design. Wood, aluminum, and fiberglass are the three primary materials used for patio umbrella poles. Each material has its characteristics and benefits, and you'll have to choose which one suits your needs.

Size of the Patio Umbrella

You should consider the size of the umbrella when you buy an outdoor umbrella. If the umbrella is too small, it won’t provide enough shade for your need. If the patio umbrella is too large, you risk ruining the ambiance of your deck and overpowering your space. So, choose the size that best suits your needs.

It would help if you also considered the shape that fits the space in your yard. Luckily, cantilever patio umbrellas come in different sizes – round, square, rectangular, or octagonal.

Canopy Fabric

Some of the best fabrics used in cantilever and center pole outdoor umbrellas include acrylic, polyethylene, olefin, and polyester. Let's take a quick peek at the characteristics of each fabric type. Call us or shop now at for the best misting systems: 800-504-6478/

Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella

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Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella Best Cantilever Patio Umbrella
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