Disinfectant Mister

Cool-Off provides high quality misting systems to homes and businesses. We have all of the disinfectant mister systems you need. They are perfect for business owners looking to reopen successfully after the COVID-19 pandemic finally ends. Our electrostatic sprayers kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria in businesses and commercial buildings. A professional cleaning agency may take up to a week to clean your space. The disinfectant misters available at Cool-Off will clean each room in minutes.

High Pressure Misting Fans

14" Kit with 1000 PSI Remote Control Pump $1495

18" Kit with 1000 PSI Remote Control Pump $1695

26" (Oscillating) Kit with 1000 PSI Remote Control Pump $1695

Tahitian Breeze High-Pressure Portable $2395

Mid Pressure Misting Fans

14" Kit $595

18" Kit $695

26" (Oscillating) $795

Low-Pressure Misting Fans

26" $245

18" $265

Portable Misting Fans

Tropic Breeze $399.95

Island Breeze $579.95

Tahitian Breeze $2395

Retrofit Kits

Stainless Steel 15"$85

Patio Misters

High-Pressure Kit $349.99

Mid Pressure Stainless Tubing $449.99

Portable Misting Systems

Oasis 12 Volt Rechargeable $549

Super Oasis 25 Gallon $775

Our disinfectant misting pumps help decrease the surrounding temperature by up to 30 degrees. Water sprays out of small holes in misting fans or systems. The water evaporates to create flash cooling. These pumps help keep flies and other insects away, especially if the misting system near an entryway. They also help reduce dust and other particles responsible for air pollution.

The misting nozzles cool the air by up to 20 degrees and are easy to install. High-pressure nozzles are very popular in commercial settings. But low-pressure nozzles are less expensive. The water level is moderate, so nothing gets soaking wet.Misting rings provide instant relief from the heat and bring down the temperature around a mist cloud. A small amount of water cools in two ways; heat is drawn away when it touches a surface, and the water evaporates rapidly to lower the surrounding temperature.

Tubing, hardware, plugs, and valves are the best ways to expand upon your primary disinfectant misting system. They are available in individual sets or pre-packaged kits. The tubing is high-quality nylon. The plugs seal off unused tubing ends on misting trees. The valves come with shut-offs and in-line drains. You can count on these products to repair an old system or improve a current set up.

Slip lock fittings lock under pressure and can be used with nylon or plastic tubing. Nylon tubing is the standard in the misting business at a 1000 PSI rating. No matter how high a thermostat is, our fittings will keep your outside space cool.Our in-line canister filter cleans out sediment such as magnesium and calcium, which can clog the nozzle. A water softener will extend the life of your disinfectant misting system. Like the in-line canister filter, a water softener will help keep out minerals and sediment.

Regular maintenance of your misting system is crucial to prevent clogs and corrosion. Let the experts at Cool-Off guide you in choosing the perfect misting system. For more information about disinfectant misters, please send a message on our contact page. You can also call 1-800-504-6478 or email us privately at support@cool-off.com.

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