Disinfectant Spray Machine

Although the disinfectant spray machine has gained more popularity recently, it’s not a new technology. It has been in use in the manufacturing industry since 1940 to apply liquids to coat almost any surface evenly. Today, commercial cleaning services have incorporated the use of this machine as a method of disinfection. With about 20-30 million Americans reportedly affected during the flu season and with the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus, more companies are relying on the disinfectant technology to keep their workplaces sanitized and staff protected.        

How does it Work?

The disinfectant spray machines are constructed to make more excellent spray coverage by combining air turbulence with tiny, evenly sized spray droplets, which are remarkably smaller than droplets from a conventional sprayer. The tiny droplets are focused on the direction of the targeted area in a high-speed air stream, which provides dense coverage on every side of the targeted area/surface.   

Unlike traditional sprayers and wiping methods that leave incomplete coverage and give infective organisms a chance of surviving, the disinfectant spray machine evenly coats the targeted surfaces with the disinfectant chemical. It eradicates the survival chances of any illness-causing viruses by providing effective disease control. The disinfecting chemical will travel quickly and reach the virus, hence, making it powerless.

What are the Benefits of Using the Disinfectant Spray Machine?

Although this technology is perfect for cleaning ample space such as schools, offices, cafeteria, to mention a few, there are more great benefits attached to using this machine. 

Reduced Chemical Waste

Cleaning with the traditional methods involves manually spreading disinfectant across surfaces to be cleaned. In the process, some areas are missed, while some overspread, and sometimes both. With this spray machine, every surface is coated equally with the disinfectant. You only use as much when necessary.

Environmentally Friendly

Less disinfectant release into the air means less environmental impact. Due to the less chemical waste associated with this spray machine, fewer byproducts escapes into the ecosystem. For businesses that take pride in their green credentials or strive to help the environment, switching to this machine is ideal. 


The use of disinfectant spray machines can help you save money on your regular cleaning. Besides this spray effective cleaning solutions, it’s ten times faster than every other traditional cleaning method.

Is The Disinfectant Spray Machine Right For My Business?

If your business environment consists of rooms or areas sensitive to germs like cleanrooms or R&D facilities, then YES! And this is simply because the room harbors equipment with irregular surfaces, which could eventually not get effective cleaning with other cleaning methods. However, the disinfectant spray may seem like an aggressive cleaning method for regular commercial use, the opposite true.

Investing in a disinfectant spray machine can boost consumers’ confidence regarding your business and also guarantee the protection of your workplace and employees against the novel coronavirus and other illness-causing pathogens.

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