Disinfection Chamber

Disinfection Chamber


While the world has faced several pandemics in the past, most living humans have never witnessed anything as severe as COVID-19 in their lifetime. The disease, which is caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2), has caused several made the year 2020 a year to forget for most people. While social distancing, wearing masks, and other measures have been widely adopted, many are yet to understand the use and importance of a disinfection chamber in the battle to contain the virus.

Human decontamination has been an acceptable practice in the medical field long before COVID-19 became an issue. It is most common in infectious disease control centers, but since the coronavirus disease has proved very difficult, having a disinfection chamber or two in regular establishments is understandable. Walk-in decontamination, when used properly, can be very effective in controlling COVID-19 and a host of other diseases.

How Does A Disinfection Chamber Work?

A disinfection chamber works by spraying humans with safe disinfectants in a bid to kill disease-causing organisms that may be on their safety gears and even on the surface of their skin. Ideally, it will have an entry point, an enclosed chamber where the human disinfection takes place, and the exit point. Other important components that make the process efficient include power supply, solvent supply, chemical chamber/mixer, air supply, and a spray mechanism. Once individuals enter the chamber, the content (a safe disinfectant) is sprayed over their entire body at acceptable pressure. Some optional features that can enhance the functionality of a decontamination unit include in-chamber power outlet, lighting features, temperature scanner, chemical atomizer, and audio/visual fixtures.

What Can A Disinfection Chamber Kill?

To understand how effective disinfection chambers can be, we need to discuss what they can kill. A quality disinfection chamber will kill most microorganisms responsible for diseases. From Bacteria to viruses, the disinfectants in most chambers can take care of most disease-causing microorganisms. You can be certain that even a portable decontamination unit has the potentials to kill SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and similar viruses. They can also kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms clinging to the clothes or skin of individuals who use the chamber.

Are Disinfection Chambers Safe?

The simple answer is yes, disinfection chambers are mostly safe. You just need to make sure that you buy your unit from a reputable firm with quality products. The disinfectants are safe and will not hurt your body in any way. Human decontamination has been a safe practice long before coronavirus became a global problem. You can go ahead and pick a quality disinfection chamber if you need it.

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