Electrostatic Sprayers

Summer and early fall can be quite warm. When the light beats down on your patio, electrostatic sprayers and misters drop the temperature in your outdoor area better than any other technology. Cool Off prepares you for a hot summer.

How do I cool down my patio area?

Sipping lemonade on the porch is a great way to unwind after a hard day. Ninety or one hundred-degree days quickly derail the best-laid plans for your patio, pool, or porch. Fans simply cannot cool you down when the temperature gets too high.

Misters and sprayers work better than air conditioners. In the right conditions, particularly in arid states such as Arizona, you can see your temperature drop by as much as 30 degrees.

Can I use air conditioning outdoors?

Air conditioning is the most common way to drop the heat. These devices refrigerate air and exude heat. They rely on the cold air they produce to circulate and remain in your home, working harder when the air warms quickly.

In the open, circulation causes more hot air to enter your space. Air conditioners push heat out of an area instead of pulling and cooling air from the outside.  

How do misters work?

Unlike an air conditioner which pushes heat outside your home, misters are a form of evaporative cooling. Water droplets trap the heat and evaporate, whisking away hot air. This standalone technology works well for calm days.

Air conditioners simply do not have the same range as a mister. Pressurized spray nozzles push water droplets across your entire porch. They work in open areas and even in the open.

Where do misters work best?

Misters cool moisture into the air. They work best in drier climates. While the drop the temperature by as much as ten degrees in humid areas, they are not as powerful. The technology will never create a decrease in temperature of thirty degrees.

A mister is evaporative. The warmer the temperature, the better the technology works. Since heat transfer takes time, a mister works best on calm days as well.

What should I look for in a mister?

The mister you choose depends on your area. Consider the following factors when purchasing this type of system:

  • The pressure required to cool down your area
  • The need for electrostatic disinfection
  • Whether you benefit from the barrier created by a fog system
  • The area you need to cool

Patio and high-pressure misters cool a greater area compared with mid and low-pressure products. Electrostatic disinfection takes time and effort that many are unwilling to spend.

Electrostatic sprayers for use in the outdoors

Electrostatic sprayers for use in the outdoors work better than air conditioners and fans. These devices use evaporative cooling to whisk away hot air. They quickly work on heat entering your patio, porch, or other outdoor space.

Cool Off has various types of electrostatic sprayers for sale. Get in touch with us at 800-504-6478 to find out more.

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