Industrial Outdoor Oscillating Fan

Having an outdoor barbecue party or lounging in the pool areas, patios, playground or camping, is a great way to relax.

The major drawback of the outdoors is high temperature; sweating and heating up restricts comfortability and enjoyment of outdoors and can be a major discouragement.

This is why industrial outdoor oscillating fans are important.

What is an Industrial Outdoor Oscillating Fan

These are cooling systems that have been built in a way that they can be mounted outdoor, it is weather-resistant, and can withstand outdoor elements.

Buying Guides and The Best Oscillating Fans Reviews 

Some factors should serve as guidelines when purchasing industrial outdoor oscillating fans. 

Below are the best outdoor cooling fans with their reviews. They include:


It is the amount of air that any ceiling fan can transmit. This is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Completely open spaces need misting fans with strong CFM compared to smaller spaces. Depending on your space and your individual preference, CFM will guide you on the fan that best suits your space.

Fan Size

The size of a fan affects its CFM; the larger the fan size, the higher the CFM. This automatically means that fan size directly affects the fan’s performance. Industrial outdoor oscillating fans are available from 36 inches to 48 inches. 

The air choice oscillating tower fan has great performance due to its large size of about 48 inches. Its large size also increases its airflow ratings.

This large mist fan also has an oscillating angle of about 70 degrees which ensures every corner of your space is cool.

Damp or Wet Ratings

These are ratings based on the amount of moisture they can withstand.

  • Damp Rated: They can withstand a reasonable amount of moisture but are not suitable for direct rainfall. If you have a semi-enclosed space that is moderately protected from the weather, such as; private patios, covered porches, damp-rated industrial outdoor oscillating fans are adequate.
  • Wet Rated: They can withstand direct snow or rain, as they are built for completely exposed outdoor spaces. The best wet-rated machines is would be suitable for salt air environments. It will also have material allowing a protective coating to prevent corrosion.

Fan Speed

There are three common speed controls to adjust airflow, which can be adjusted with a remote control or a knob positioned on the fan unit itself.

An excellent cool-off misting fan model is a rechargeable portable outdoor fan great for camping or travel.

It has a;

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Waterproof design
  • Speed Control knob: it permits adjustment of fan speed according to individual preference.


Ensure you check the damp and wet ratings before the purchase of double fan portable misting systems.

In the absence of any ratings, look for units with resistant coatings and additional layers of protection that prevent electrical accidents.

A good example is an oscillating wall fan that safely provides air movement. They are mounted directly on the wall, so there is no bother about cords laying around. They also have a good damp rating.

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Industrial Outdoor Oscillating Fan

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