Inflatable Misting Tent

Summertime is almost here again, and with the multitude of outdoor activities your family will want to take part in will also come the unbearable heat. You can beat the heat this summer with an inflatable misting tent from Cool-Off. Our misting inflatables are available in a variety of sizes to fit every budget. Choose from a simple misting arch, mist zone, misting tent, or mist tunnel and create an oasis in the middle of any outdoor event, big or small.

How Can I Prevent Heat stroke This Summer?

If your kids take part in outdoor sports or activities in the hot summer months, you typically have to carry along an armload of accessories or wheel them in for set-up. An inflatable misting tent can eliminate the need for umbrellas, covered booths, and tents that make traveling to a sports event a hassle. Our inflatables are lightweight and easy to set up, providing a place for young athletes to keep cool and stay out of the sun between events. Choose from multiple sizes:

  • 10’x10’ for your own personal misting tent, with space enough to share with a few friends
  • 13.5’x13.5’, an excellent choice for two or three families traveling together
  • 16.5’x16.5’, ideal for a small team
  • 20’x20’, enough space for a group of kids or teens to gather under while waiting for the next event
  • 26.5’x26.5’, large enough for the entire swim team, soccer team, or family reunion

How Does an Outdoor Mister Work?

Outdoor misting systems work wonders for lowering the temperatures in a specific area, but the one thing they lack is the ability to block out the sun’s rays and the heat from direct sun exposure. Our inflatable misting tent from Cool-Off does double duty by creating a cool space while providing welcomed cover, so the sun can’t spoil your fun. Consider our misting tent for any of the following areas:

  • Pool-side
  • Outdoor sporting events
  • Swim meets
  • Barbecues
  • Tailgate parties
  • Block parties
  • Park get-togethers

If you’re thinking about purchasing one of our outdoor misting systems at Cool-Off, we encourage you to take your summer oasis one step further by looking into a misting tent that will offer you a higher return on your investment. Choose any two colors from multiple options available on our website to represent your team, or let us custom create your inflatable misting tent with your team’s logo on display.

Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer

Do you avoid spending time in your outdoor spaces due to the sun’s intense heat? With an inflatable misting tent, you can relax under a cool mist and enjoy a good book without getting a sunburn. Let the kids play in the pool while keeping an eye on them in your personal outdoor space- sans heat. We’re sure you’ll find many ways to use your new misting tent; feel free to reach out to us for a size recommendation. Cool-Off product specialists are available to answer questions by phone and through our website.

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