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Summer and early fall are some of the hottest times of the year. Cooling off and staying clean are concerns for every Labor Day weekend. Let a mist nozzle whisk away the heat and germs with a cooling spray from Cool Off.

What are the benefits of a spray nozzle?

Your patio or pool is full of reflective concrete. The sunbeams off these surfaces and heats the surrounding air. This is why a pool deck is hotter than the grass surrounding it. Spray nozzles are a great way to capture this heat and let the environment carry it away.

These products can also be clean. A disinfectant fog machine or mister blows an antibiotic spray that eliminates germs to ensure that you are cool and healthy.

Types of Mist Nozzles

The type of nozzle you use depends on the area you need to spray. Higher pressure and angled variants cover more ground with ease.

Cool-off offers:

  • High-pressure microjet nozzles.
  • 360-degree swivel nozzles
  • Sturdy brass nozzles
  • Fog machine nozzles
  • Tune-up kits

Our parts offer full coverage of a custom patio or a mist that carries over a long distance. Strong water-resistant metal components last during the long fall days and hot summer nights.

Which nozzle do I need?

Fall and spring are the best times to repair electrostatic sprayers. There is enough time to make sure the product works before winter sets in.

Every machine has a specific type of spray nozzle associated with it. Make sure to purchase the product that works for you. Whichever choice you make, ensure that it lasts.

Cool-off sells the sturdy metal and threaded brass fog mist nozzle for your device. We build our parts to last. Simple cleaning should be enough to get you through more than a few hot summers.

Invest in your Mist System

Consider purchasing a tune-up kit after many years of service. These kits include a six-inch filter with three-quarter-inch male and female garden hose fittings in addition to brass plugs and parts for your microjet.

Older systems, those that are more than three summers old, start to wear noticeably. These kits ensure that they are ready for use.

A mist system can last for decades if properly maintained or rust shut within five years. You must replace your system once it stops spraying. Rusted nozzles are often too hard to remove, taking parts of the system with them.

Where can I find mist nozzles?

A mist nozzle wears out under the immense pressure of your system. Over time, they accrue rust and degrade to the point of being useless. Replace nozzles before your system wears too greatly to keep your chemical fogging machine or spray equipment working for decades to come.

Cool Off supplies sturdy metal parts that stand up to intense summer use no matter what part of the country you are on. Visit our online store to find the parts that you need or get in touch for more information.


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