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Foggers are devices for outdoor air conditioning, since it is impossible to use air conditioners in open places, the air could not be concentrated to achieve a drop in temperature.

Foggers spray water in very fine droplets that evaporate quickly when in contact with the air, absorbing the ambient heat. They help to cool the environment by at least 10 degrees.

There are also nebulizers that are more focused on watering plants.

Summer is the best time to have a nebulizer on the terrace or garden, so you can enjoy them.

How does patio misters work?

The operation is quite simple, it is a system that sprays water droplets that, when in contact with the environment, absorb the heat.

The people around you will not get wet, it will be like a mist that will make us cooler, about 10º less.

For the nebulizer to have more effect you should not keep it on for a long time, the higher the humidity, the less will be the performance of the nebulizer.

Once the summer season is over, it is advisable to plug the holes and empty the circuit.

A water nebulizer is a good idea

The truth is that installing a water nebulizer for your terrace or garden is a good idea, they are not expensive and the benefits are noticed instantly. With little expense you will be able to enjoy your terrace or garden during the hot hours making the stay pleasant for you and your loved ones.

Advantages of nebulizers

They are easy to install. Usually, the packages where they are stored have very specific installation instructions and can be installed by anyone unless you need to install a more complex misting system.

They reduce the ambient temperature by up to 10ºC. They are perfect for summer or when there are very strong heat waves and the sun is unbearable.

They bring more humidity to the environment, which also benefits the plants. Water nebulizers also called cooling systems are also very convenient for your plants, all those that are near where you install it will enjoy enough moisture to withstand the summer days with high temperatures.

Your plants will benefit from the humidity and will be hydrated. Another advantage of water foggers is that they reduce pollen and purify the environment.

They purify the environment and reduce pollen. They help remove dirt from the air and benefit those who may suffer from respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma or bronchitis.

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