Misting System Installation

When you purchase your misting system from our store, you can either hire a professional to help you install the system, or do the installation by yourself. Either way, misting system installation is pretty straightforward. To install a misting system, you must have access to materials, tools, and a basic understanding of technicalities. Continue reading to find out more.

Misting System Installation Steps

To set up the machine, it is important to follow the correct steps and use the appropriate materials. This will walk you through the whole phase of installing outdoor water misting equipment for cooling down, ensuring that you have the least errors possible. The procedures are as follows:

Obtain The Installation Materials

Before you start the misting system installation, you must first get all the kit and supplies that will be used in the entire installation process. The following are some of the most important tools and materials:

  • Clips for Ladders
  • Tape measure
  • a pair of shears
  • Hose for the garden
  • Irrigation filter 
  • Clamps for pipe cutters
  • Irrigation filter 
  • Mist lines

You can also install an elevated post above the head level where you can position the mist lines for the maximum results for your outdoor patio misting system. This may be accomplished by the use of a fence, tent, umbrella, or roof edge.

Calculations and measurements

It's crucial to know the dimensions of the pump, mist lines, and mist tubing, and the site where you’ll mount the machine. Note the measurements to figure out parameters like weight, distance, and height.

Mount The Mist lines

Hang the lines on an elevated post using the little clips that normally come with the lines; this is essential to boost pressure. Screw the clips through the holes until they are perfectly tight.

Couple The Pipes

This stage generally requires the use of a compression fitting. Join the pipes by bending them back and forth and tightening them with a nut until you achieve a strong seal. This stage is critical for preventing leaks.

Install the Third Line

Using a ladder, take another measurement a short distance away from the mounting position after the two pipes have been connected. With a pin, secure the mist line in place. Attach extra clamps to the upper and lower portions of the line to guarantee that they are well secured.

To complete the mounting phase, slide the second section of the line through the compression fitting that was accomplished in the previous stage and secure it with clamps. Tie it to the elevated position to complete the process.

Install The Last Mist Line

Tighten the last line with a 90-degree compression and finish the installation with a blind seal. Couple the end of the most recent line with the end of the third line. Adjust the mist line to guide the water droplets in the desired path.

Connect the Mist Lines to the Pressure Pump

Link the lines to the pressure pump with a UV and pressure-resistant hose. Before attaching the tubing to the compression fittings, tighten the tubes to ensure that everything is in order.

Connect the Mist Nozzles Together

Attach the mist lines and pump, then add the mist nozzles. Make sure the nozzles are pressure-resistant and capable of ejecting very small water droplets. Switch on the water to look for leakage and make any further adjustments to your DIY patio misting device.

One of the most critical aspects of a perfect and simple misting system installation is the materials and equipment, which we make readily available. We have the best misting systems for sale online and our professionals are available to help you with the installation. Contact us today to discuss your custom cooling needs. 

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Misting System Installation Misting System Installation
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