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Complete misting systems for Fresno homes and businesses are great for applications that call for a routine set-up, however, oftentimes a custom build is more suitable. Cool-Off can save you money on all water misting accessories and parts if you decide to venture a do-it-yourself project and, as a bonus, we can offer you complete support along the way. Use our ‘Ask the Experts’ link to connect with someone from our company who can recommend the right parts for your mister or get in touch with us by phone at 800-504-6478. With help from our pros, your DIY misting system project is as good as complete.

How To Build Low-Cost Misting Systems in Fresno- 3 Pro Tips

1. Consider the size of your outdoor area and your misting needs before you begin gathering equipment; you’ll end up spending less on your misting system if you have a clear plan before you start on your project. Begin by measuring the perimeter of your outdoor area that you plan to mist, then count the number of corners the installation will involve. Choose a place where you’ll house the system’s pump, and get ready to start pricing and researching parts.

Complete misting systems for sale online can fall short of the mark when it comes to meeting a customer’s needs; at Cool-Off, we know that some of the best water cooling systems are often those that come about through innovation. Rest easy knowing that we have the right outdoor water misting equipment for your custom set-up.

2. Mist accessories can vary dramatically from supplier to supplier, so it pays to shop around and find a company that can offer you a quality product at a fair price. Keep Cool-Off in mind when you’re ready to start compiling parts. You’ll need a misting pump to ensure proper water flow and pressure. When shopping on our website, select from mid-pressure, high-presure, and large high-pressure pumps or select a pump for a portable misting system. You’ll also need the following:

  • Misting nozzles and/or misting rings
  • Tubing, hardware, plugs, & valves
  • Mist system fittings
  • Misting fan

3. Spend some time on the phone with our staff from Cool-Off for a professional set-up. The more we know about your custom build, the more we’ll be able to help you create one of the best misting systems in Fresno. We can offer advice on how far apart to set your misting nozzles and how to anchor the set-up to your patio or structure. You’ll also find a wealth of information as you browse our website.

If you prefer a pre-built mister, we have plenty of them in stock at Cool-Off; in fact, you’ll find the ideal set-up for just about any outdoor area when you check with us regarding equipment. From small, portable misting systems that can traverse all terrains to patio misters and swimming pool misters to large-scale application misting systems for Fresno businesses and commercial applications- there’s a lot to love about our products when you choose Cool-Off to keep you comfortable and refreshed throughout the summer months.

misting systems Fresno

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misting systems Fresno misting systems Fresno
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