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Everyone loves cooling off under a misting system on a hot summer day. If you’re thinking about investing in a mister kit or taking on your own DIY misting project before the summer heat sets in, consider checking out parts & accessories or full misting systems in Houston from Cool-Off. We’re a major supplier throughout the US, with quality products at some of the best prices you'll find anywhere. Check out our misting systems for sale online when you’re on a budget and want an affordable set-up. All of our kits and outdoor water misting equipment are currently on sale when you shop on our website.

Building a DIY Misting System To Help Beat The Heat

Some of the best water cooling systems are custom built by our customers at Cool-Off- and we make it very easy to find what you need for any project, big or small. Our inventory of water misting accessories and parts includes everything from pumps & fans to misting nozzles & tubing. Once you’ve measured your outdoor area and counted the number of corners involved, the only thing left is to decide how far apart you want the misting nozzles to be placed; then start gathering your items.

Successful DIY Misters From Cool-Off

Every good project begins with a plan, but to achieve success, you’ll need some basic knowledge on the topic at hand and/or professional advice and assistance. With Cool-Off’s experts ready to lend a helping hand over the phone, you can take on the simplest or most complex misting systems in Houston with ease. Use our website’s ‘Ask the Experts’ link to get in touch with us if you have questions about accessories & parts for your custom set-up or need insight into how to put everything together correctly- we’re here for you to ensure exceptional results.

Mid-Pressure Or High-Pressure Misting?

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that mid-pressure systems are best for home use and high-pressure systems are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. That said, if you’re planning a large-scale project at home, you certainly may want to consider a high-pressure mister, especially if you have a spacious outdoor area or plan on doing a lot of entertaining around your swimming pool or barbecue spot. As always, a Cool-Off expert can help with advice and recommendations.

Pre-Built Misting Kits

For many of our customers at Cool-Off, the best misting systems come pre-built in a complete kit. If you’re not quite up for a do-it-yourself project or simply want to make sure you don’t forget anything, a complete kit is always a good option- and they’re quite affordable from our website. Many of our misters are discounted by as much as 65%, so you can definitely save a lot of money by selecting a mister that’s on sale.

Shop all of our misting products online to see patio and home misters, commercial set-ups, portable misting systems, misting umbrellas & tents, cabanas, and quality umbrellas in every color, style, and size.

misting systems Houston

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misting systems Houston misting systems Houston
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