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Check with Cool-Off before purchasing one of the many misting systems in Tucson- we can save you money on your set-up and provide full support after the sale. You don’t need to hire a handyman when you invest in one of our misting systems for sale online- complete installation instructions are available on our website and our experts are one call away. When temperatures rise in Tucson, you can stay cool and comfortable under one of the best water cooling systems around; by lowering the ambiant air temperature by up to 20 degrees, our outdoor water misting equipment is highly efficient.

4 Ways To Ensure Your Misting System Is Set Up Right

1. Perform a final inspection before turning on your mister to make sure everything is tightened up and ready to go. By forgetting to double-check nozzles, joints, elbows, and tubing, you run the risk of dealing with an inefficient system- and you may not know there’s a problem until somewhere down the line when you decide to inspect your mister. Tighten up all water misting accessories and parts as you go and give the entire set-up a once-over for optimum results.

2. Don’t skimp when it comes to anchor points that hold your system to your patio or structure. You may be tempted to think that a system as light as the one you’re installing will not need much of an anchor- or any at all; however, what you fail to realize is that once pressurized water is flowing through the system, everything will become heavier, requiring a sturdy anchoring. If you need professional advice when installing one of Cool-Off’s misting systems in Tucson, feel free to reach out to our staff.

3. Stick to your kit’s plans. When it comes to adding misting nozzles to your system, more is not always better. Our best advice is to not stray too far from the instructions that come with your particular model. As with all equipment set-ups, it’s always a good idea to ask an expert before getting too creative. Keep in mind that the pump included in your kit is designed to provide the right amount of pressure for the accessories and parts in the box. With extra nozzles, you’ll risk poor performance from your mister. The best misting systems are optimized for exceptional performance before they’re shipped to you.

4. Measure and plan for your area’s size. If you live in a hot and dry area, you may be tempted to think that heavy misting will lead to a cooler outdoor temperature, when, in fact, too much mist will leave you and your guests damp instead of cool and refreshed. The goal of our misting systems in Tucson is to lightly chill the skin and provide relief from the scorching summer temperatures- something you will not achieve more effectively by installing a mister that’s too large for your outdoor space.

You’ll be set up for success when you install one of Cool-Off’s best misting systems in Tucson, adhere to the instructions, and get in touch whenever you have questions during the installation. Save money on your residential or commercial mister by shopping at Cool-Off online.

misting systems Tucson

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misting systems Tucson misting systems Tucson
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