Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is a vital component to the perfect poolside. These items throw shade on unbearably sunny days. They can also help provide a cooler space when combined with a mister from Cool-Off.

The space you want dictates the type of umbrella you purchase. Luxurious lounges differ in size from beach chairs after all.

What types of Umbrellas exist?

While the image of a beach umbrella comes to mind, there are many different brands and types to consider from.


  • A stylishly large overhanging cantilever umbrella
  • A small yet elegant center post pushup umbrella
  • The space age design of a Shademaker
  • A FIM Square Umbrella
  • Your own custom umbrella

The possibilities are endless. We do offer several base models to start with.

How can I cover my outdoor lounge?

Outdoor spaces are great for parties and relaxation. Large sofas and dining tables made to withstand the elements create the perfect environment to host family and friends.

Complement this mystique with a large Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella. The canopy hangs from a heavy-duty hook, extending over your furniture like a tree branch.

Umbrellas for Individual Use

Many of us have an image of the striped beach umbrella that you push up from the center post. Jardinico redefined this classic with a luxury square to fit any patio or pool. Cover your beach chair or tilt the canopy to aid in sunbathing.

Jardinico umbrellas come with a crafted canvas canopy in the color of your choice. Their chic modern style puts your home on display.

Umbrellas for Any Outdoor Space

The FIM Flexy Series umbrella covers any outdoor space. These large square designs lay shade over a large are in the same way as a covered portico.

Customers use the FIM for their lawns, pools, porches, and patios. FIM also produces other types of cantilevered and models.

Modern Umbrellas for Businesses and Homes

Shademaker offers cantilever canopies with a cutting-edge design. Their circular umbrella turns your nightclub or personal space into a talking point at an affordable price.

These umbrellas are made for business. At over six feet in diameter and with an aluminum shaft and base, they can withstand high winds and cover large spaces. Shademaker even provides a concrete mount kit.

Made to Order Umbrellas

Nothing displays your style like a custom-made product for your home or business. Cool Off with the floating feeling of a cantilevered umbrella, an option that is perfect for providing shade over your pool or furniture. You can also choose to mount canopies on our push model.

There is nothing more satisfying than achieving your own vision. Cool-off can help you do this for your home or business.

What patio umbrella should I choose?

The patio umbrella you choose is up to your space and your vision. Cool Off offers cantilevered and center poll models from Janico, FIM, and Shademaker that cover a space of any size. We can even help you make your own umbrellas.

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