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Pool Service Plantation Fl

Pool Service Plantation Fl

Hire a reliable pool service in Plantation, FL that can manage your swimming pool’s maintenance, deliver supplies, make occasional repairs, and provide routine cleaning, all at affordable rates. Tropical Pool Supplies is family-owned and committed to keeping South Florida pools sparkling clean throughout the year. We serve the area from West Palm Beach to North Miami, providing exceptional customer service for residential pool owners and commercial businesses that need professional assistance maintaining their pool. Call our Plantation, FL pool service company for a free quote.

Topical Pool Supplies FAQs

Q: How do your service rates compare with other pool companies in South Florida?

A: At Tropical Pool Supplies, we work hard to keep our service prices among the lowest in the region. Our weekly pool service costs just $80 per month, and includes all of the following:

  • Vacuum
  • Brushing
  • Chemical maintenance
  • Equipment check
  • Filter cleaning
  • Free filter every three months

We strive to be the most affordable pool service in Plantation.

Q: Do you offer additional services aside from weekly maintenance?

A: Our pool techs at Tropical Pool Supplies are highly skilled and experienced in water testing, pool inspections, equipment repairs & replacement, and pool & spa leak detection. We’re of the belief that the best FL pool services should all be available from a single service provider, and we feel we can better meet your needs compared with other local pool companies.

Q: What makes Topical Pool Supplies the best pool service company near me?

A: Hiring a local pool service in Plantation ensures you are treated more like a customer than a number. A big-name company with more accounts than they can manage will not be able to provide you with the personalized service you’ll experience from Tropical Pool Supplies.

Q: What are the main benefits of hiring a pool service company?

A: When you hire someone to maintain your swimming pool, you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool. Pool owners can quickly become burned out with all of the work involved in cleaning and keeping up with chemicals and supplies- our pool pros can take care of every detail so you can spend your leisure time in the water instead of testing and managing your pool.

Q: Do you offer pool repair and maintenance for Plantation, FL residents?

A: While we are best known for our affordable pool service at Tropical Pool Supplies, we are also able to offer both residential and commercial clients cost-effective repair services and routine maintenance. Preventing issues with pre-season inspections can save our clients a lot of money over the years. Browse the resources on our website to learn more about the many services we offer.

Q: How do I book a weekly pool cleaning service with Topical Pool Supplies?

A: Call one of our pool experts at (954) 597-7480 to schedule service or get help finding the supplies you need to maintain your pool. We are here to help when you reach out to us for any reason. You'll find digital coupons available on our site, as well, to help you save money on our pool service in Plantation, FL.

Pool Service Plantation Fl
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Pool Service Plantation Fl
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Pool Service Plantation Fl Pool Service Plantation Fl
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