Restaurant Patio Umbrellas

Commercial Restaurant Patio Umbrellas give the property a seamless and thematic ambiance. They give your outdoor the advantage of being the street’s focal point of relaxation and style. Umbrellas add a breezy aesthetic value to the restaurant while giving customers protection from bright sunlight. The umbrellas obstruct the night’s streetlights to create the perfect lighting ambiance for visitors who enjoy dinner on the outdoors.

How to buy the right patio umbrellas

Determine the perfect shape and size

The shape of the umbrella should always match the form of the table. If you have had an experience trying to find shade while sitting under an umbrella patio, you will understand the importance of picking umbrellas with a bigger sizing than the table. A more humongous one will also give protection to diners who pull extra chairs from the next table. The standard height of all umbrellas should be between seven to nine feet for all table sizes.

Determine the umbrella’s use

Restaurant Patio Umbrellas can cover spaces that do not always include a table. Talk to us to find the perfect umbrellas for your bench spaces. You can also buy several of the same type of umbrellas to create a connected canopy. Expansive canopies will be particularly useful while hosting big celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. If the umbrella has a pole at the table’s center, consider purchasing one that will allow you to tilt the mast, to maintain a straight line of view between the table’s seats.

How to care for your patio umbrellas

The correctly installed and innocent looking umbrellas will turn into sloppy aftermath without proper maintenance.

  • Ensure that the umbrella has a substantial base to provide extra support in the face of strong winds. Freestanding umbrellas need more substantial assistance than table umbrellas.
  • Choose the right fabric – Cotton and linen tend to fade fast and provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Our Cool-Off umbrella selection has breathable and long-lasting material. The right fabric will be easy to clean and last up to ten years with proper cleaning.
  • Wash the fabric at the beginning and end of a summer season to brighten the aesthetic. You can clean it every month to remove dust, pollen, and other aerial debris. Use soap and a soft brush to remove stubborn stains and leave the fabric to air dry.

How to store your patio umbrellas

After cleaning the umbrella, fold up the umbrella to a deadlock position. Ensure that the arms align well within the umbrella to prevent breaking or fracturing. Detach the pole from the bottom and place it within one of the pole’s folds to save space. Finally, place the umbrella within its cover and hang it in a spacey room or a flat surface in the shelf. Our umbrellas have a making to stand durable weathers such as strong winds and scorching sun. It is, however, prudent to store them away in raging storms and the winter season. Ask our experts to help you in finding umbrellas that will give your restaurant a beautiful appeal and durable service.

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Restaurant Patio Umbrellas Restaurant Patio Umbrellas
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