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Businesses like restaurants and other forms of hospitalities choose to do spot cooling using mist fans around specific areas that have a lot of traffic and heat. Misting lines are standard for doorways, while fans are great for spaces with ceilings or walls.

The various kinds of commercial and industrial mist fans are applicable for different aspects in business and leisure settings.

Mist fans effectively use the circulating air and water drops to create immediate cooling effects. The tiny water droplets that fall on the skin evaporate fast, causing a rapid temperature drop to a more relaxed level. The best water mister fans have tiny droplets of water, which do not feel wet. Larger droplets by less quality misting fans get the body and clothes wet and can be highly disappointing when you aim to cause cooling in the hot summer heat.

A Deeper Look On How The Fans Work

These cooling systems can cause the cooling effect using three physical mechanisms:

  • Conduction which transfers heat from the body to the water droplets
  • Convection caused by the cool breeze
  • Evaporation then causes the air to be cooler

These work together to make a difference in the body’s temperature by taking heat energy away from the skin. You want to invest in a system that allows instant evaporation because the water droplets take little time to leave via evaporation.

Essential Things To Know About The Outdoor Water Misting Equipment

How They Work In High Humidity

The water misting fam will work the same way, but the amount that evaporates will be much less because the air is full of moisture content. However, using a mister with tiny water droplets will cause some cooling because they will still evaporate due to the air blowing around.

The opposite is true, which is to say that hot and dry climates will experience faster evaporation. These areas will have a more rapid temperature drop from the recorded high at the moment of the misting because the water has a space in the air to evaporate into for a faster cooling effect.

General Benefits Of The Best Water Cooling Systems

Cleaner Air Space

Mist fans help create a cleaner air space by suppressing dust, smoke, and other aerial contaminants from pollution. The water droplets that do not evaporate fast will combine with the dust particles and become heavy enough to fall.

Cooler Space

Misting fans cool the air because they also absorb energy from the air to evaporate, which they do on the body and skin.

Prevent Bugs

Aerial bugs like houseflies will not stay in a space with constant water drops fanning into the air.


You would be surprised how much money you can save by replacing your HVAC with an excellent misting system for sale online.

Temperatures are reaching higher now as we approach summer and will continue to do so until we have to turn the AC to the full calibration. Check out our option of the best misting systems online and contact us at 800-504-6478 to book a consultation on complimentary water misting accessories and parts. 

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