Glass Tower Hammered Bronze Tabletop Outdoor Patio Heater

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Heating Element: Propane or Butane Gas only
Heat Rating: 7,000 -11,000 BTUs (3,000 watts)
Heating Diameter: Up to 7' Heat Diameter (will vary based on weather conditions)
Clearance to Combustible Materials: 36"
Height: 34"
Weight: 11 lbs
Finish: Stainless Steel/Bronze
Burner Material: Quartz glass
Reflector Diameter: 8"
Tank Housing Diameter: 11"
Product Dimensions: 11"x11"x34"
Replacement Parts Available: Yes
Shipping Details: 12"x12"x35"; 13 lbs

Glass Tower Hammered Bronze Tabletop Outdoor Patio Heater

Keeping warm is an essential part of what goes out onto the patio - or on the floor in the basement. What would keep someone warm?

Try the glass tower hammered bronze tabletop outdoor patio heater from Cool-Off. This heater delivers a whopping 10,000 BTU's - or approximately 3,000 watts - of power with an access door for a variable control panel. There is a regulator and anti-tilt device included with the heater. With the bronze finish, there's no decor it cannot fix.

This unit is not meant for indoor use. It runs on propane or butane gas, depending on what is available in the area. However, it can heat up to seven feet of space - perfect for a late night on the patio stargazing or a late starlit dinner. The seven feet depends on the weather. There are replacement parts available and it will last a while if used properly.

The heater is made of stainless steel and bronze, but must be kept at least 36 feet away from other combustible materials. The burners are made of quartz glass, an efficient way to transfer heat. Weighing 11 pounds, the heater is difficult to move. It's a semi-permanent heater, but is worth moving if it is needed.

Keeping warm in the cold outside is important. Hypothermia can set in if people aren't careful, and it can kill. This bronze tabletop heater offers a way to get the cold away while waiting outside or if a warmer area is not available at that moment. With no other options, this could save someone's life. After all, a tabletop heater is better than nothing if there's no other place to get warm. If there are no other issues, keep a heater near on the patio. This is a wonderful thing to keep warm in the cold winter months should there be a reason to stay out when it's incredibly cold.

If you’re in the market for a table top patio heater that’s elegant, modern and utilizes cutting edge technology, look no further. Our portable tabletop glass tower outdoor patio heater provides 10,000 BTU’s of burning power and features an access door design with variable control.

Each unit is CSA approved and includes regulator, thermocouple and anti-tilt safety devices, making it one of the safest propane patio heaters on the market.  The hammered bronze finish is simply stunning and the perfect complement to any décor or outdoor setting.

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