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Industrial Cooling Systems

Industrial settings can get really stuffy. And heat isn’t exactly a good thing, especially when the operation involves highly sensitive commodities. For this, companies rely on a variety of cooling options, such as industrial cooling fans.

These big industrial fans aren’t the typical electric fans you see in a home. The products we offer at Cool-Off are misting fans, which circulate ultra-fine mist throughout a space as a way of bringing down the ambient temperature. The tiny water droplets absorb heat and carry it away as they evaporate, facilitating a cooling effect. A few of the industrial applications for these fans are as follows:

Livestock and Poultry Cooling

Industrial misting fans are not only for workers. Some animals are at the mercy of the heat, mainly because their bodies are not as equipped as the human body, in terms of cooling capability. Chickens, pigs, cattle, and sheep don’t sweat as much (or don’t sweat at all). For example, cows don’t have a lot of active sweat glands so they lose heat through their breath. A cooler environment made possible by misting fans can make it easier for them to stay comfortable.

Safe Storage for Food, Chemicals, Petroleum

Warehouses also benefit a lot from industrial warehouse fans. A typical warehouse stores perishable goods such as petroleum, fine chemicals, and even food items like flour. Any inadvertent increase in temperature can affect the freshness/potency of these commodities, so maintaining an ideal temperature is critical. Placed in strategic locations all over a warehouse, industrial fans can cool down the surrounding air and circulate the cooler air throughout the entire space. In addition, the workers tending to the goods are also kept comfortable.

Cool-Off’s line of industrial fans is designed to help in these applications. Each product is the result of top-notch workmanship, ensuring maximum performance and durability: two factors which are critical in effectively serving industrial settings.

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