Low Pressure Misting Tents

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Low Pressure Misting Tent Design Features:

  • Sets Up in Virtually Seconds
  • Now Available in 7 Stylish Color Combinations
  • Durable Steel Frame 
  • Size 10' x 10' shelter with Maximum headroom of 8'11"
  • Clear Span Vista Ceiling & Roller Bag, Spikes
  • (16) Misting Nozzle T's or with Swivel Capability
  • (1) Inline Filter
  • (12) Alligator Clips to Attach Tubing to the Perimeter of the Tent

Low Pressure Misting Tents

Our Low Pressure Misting Tents come in a variety of 7 fabulous colors and are the ultimate outdoor cooling solution to help beat the summer heat. Recreation Edition Misting Tents do not require a power source to operate the misters and come with enough misting nozzles to cover 3 sides of a 10' x 10' pop-up tent. This allows for people to walk to and from the mister tent without having walk under the spray of fog nozzles and comfortably situate themselves under the shade structure without thinking they might get wet, even though they won't. Temperature reductions will vary depending on climate, however most customers typically notice between a 15-20 degree difference.

Low Pressure Misting Tents are the perfect addition for setting up "Cool-Off Zones" at Marathons, Amusement Parks, Golf Courses, Backyards, Athletic Events, Tailgating and much more.

When the temperatures soar, it is important to find a way to keep cool. You may be concerned about keeping yourself and your family cool, keeping employees who work outdoors cool or even helping your pets stay comfortable outdoors. Of course, staying cool is important for comfort, but it also may be vital for your health on the warmest days of the year. Heat exhaustion and other related conditions are a serious concern on hot days. A great idea is to invest in a misting system, and there are several options to consider.

Ideas for Commercial Use

When you want to keep your patrons and employees cool and comfortable while outdoors, a misting fan is a wonderful idea. Misting fans are designed to create a cool environment by projecting a stream of mist downward and circulating throughout the area with a fan. Many of these fans are oscillating, so they are designed to cool large areas. There are also other ideas, such as cooling systems that have a drip-style mist component. These can be used around the perimeters of a patio space with great results.

Ideas for Home Use

Just as there are mist fans available for commercial use, there are also wonderful models available for residential use. Many people want to extend the use of their patio space to the warmest days of the year, and mist fans provide the ideal way to do that. A residential mist fan works in similar fashion to a commercial-grade model, and the cooling effect can be amazing. With this type of fan, the entire patio space may be cool and comfortable for as long as you want to spend time outdoors.

A mist fan is an effective, affordable and easy way to keep cool throughout the summer. You can enjoy the combined cooling effects of a powerful fan coupled with misting for great results. If you have been searching for a better way to stay cool or to keep your venue cool, investing in a cooling fan is a thoughtful option to consider.

Product Details:

  • Includes EZ-UP Pop Up Tent (7) Fabulous Colors
  • Low Pressure 30' Patio Mister Kit with hose splitter & Inline Filter, Ships Seperate
  • Can be used to relieve heat stress and aid in cooling hot/extreme conditions
  • These units are designed to be used anywhere there is access to a garden hose
  • Can be used in both Low & High Humidity Climates
  • Drops ambient temperature by as much as 15-25 degrees
  • Just connect a garden hose & Go 
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LeadtimeShips after you customize it! Within 24 Hours.
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