Micro-Mist Brass Nozzle .012" (Bag of 12)

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Micro-Mist Brass Nozzle .012" (Bag of 12)

What could be better than an oasis of cool comfort in the outdoors even on the hottest summer day? Our misting systems provide a welcoming relief from the heat of summer that is very much appreciated by friends and customers. This is a great way to attract customers or create your own outside relaxation spot.

Mist system locations

Our mist systems can be used at your business or at your home. A cool misting fog can bring positive attention and can encourage customers to visit your business. Great locations for our misting systems are under an awning or cooling tent, or on a deck or patio. You can also easily create a cool location at home that will let you really enjoy the outdoors during the summer. 

Mist system installation

Our misting systems are cost-effective to install and operate. We can design a misting system to fit your exact needs or you can build your own misting system using our off the shelf products. Please take a look at our extensive product catalog. Our mist systems are easy to install and our Micro-Mist Brass Misting Nozzles can replace your existing nozzles to greatly improve the performance of your existing misting system. Our Micro-Mist Brass Misting Nozzles work amazingly well with low or medium pressure misting fans or misting systems. 

Cool Relief

Our mist systems provide wonderful relief even during the hottest summer days. Instead of a wet spray, our misting systems provide a cooling fog that is refreshing and gentle. Image enjoying your favorite cold beverage relaxing in cool comfort at your chosen outdoor spot. That is an experience you will never get tired of. You will be appreciated by customers and friends for providing such welcome relief. After you install one of our mist systems at your home or business, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. 

  • Brass Construction with Stainless Steel Tips
  • Available in (.012”)
  • 10/24” Thread, Hand Tightens W/ O Ring Seal
  • For Low Pressure Systems and Mid Pressure Systems Only
The Micro- Mist Brass Misting Nozzle is the latest and greatest nozzle in the misting industry that works on all of our low pressure misting systems and misting fans as well as all of our mid pressure misting systems and misting fans. Many customers from around the world choose to upgrade their existing or older style misting system with this nozzle because it simply performs better. Turn those wet misting systems into cool refreshing fog systems once again by replacing old nozzles and giving them a face lift. Customers are usually astounded at the results they achieve after switching.
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