Misting Fan Micro-Jet Ceramic Nozzle Assembly

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Cool-Off with the Misting Fan Micro-Jet Ceramic Nozzle
If you live in a place where the heat and sun can become burdensome during the summer, then you need to purchase a High Pressure Misting Fan or System. The durable ceramic misting nozzles won't corrode like their metal or plastic counterparts and easily adapts to your misting fan. Additionally, the ceramic high pressure nozzles creates a comfortable mist for you and your guests to enjoy all summer long. 

Enjoy the outdoors again this summer and upgrade your cool misting system today! Outdoor meetings, barbecues and celebrations are infinitely more comfortable when the ceramic misting nozzles are attached to your misting fans. This extraordinary system will allow you to provide extra outdoor seating since the fan breeze creates a cool and relaxing environment for you and your guests. The high pressure nozzles are your solution for being outside when otherwise it might be too hot! The misting fan with micro-jet nozzles are the perfect way to "cool-off" this summer! 
Choose from two different nozzle sizes to customize your Misting Fans. All nozzle assemblies are center mounted in the fan guard and throw an 80 degree cone shaped mist into the fan breeze.
Red Nozzle .006” Orifice (Most Climates)
Green Nozzle .008” Orifice (Very Hot Desert Climates)
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