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Low Pressure Misting Fans

Summer is Here but Never Fear!

Imagine what summer could be like with a Low Pressure Misting Fan. Frizzy hair and sticky air would no longer dictate whether you go outside this summer. The great outdoors would feel just as enticing as it appeared. Meticulously constructed to create a cooling breeze rather than a crude blast of humidity, our misting fans are built for men and women alike to emerge from hiding and enjoy everything the season has to offer!

Low pressure misting fans from Cool-Off offer outstanding options for cooling a wide variety of residential or commercial venues at an affordable price.

Tropical and desert climates have their perks, but peak temperatures are not one of them. If you live in this type of climate, you can attest to the pitfalls of summer; living costs spike as overworked air cooling units create indoor asylums from summer woes. Our fans are commonly known to reduce outdoor temperatures by up to 30 degrees and use less electricity. By creating a tropical outdoor paradise, our customers often experience lower costs of living simply because they would rather spend their days enjoying the great outdoors! Imagine a home, business, or event venue where people prefer to be outdoors. By creating cool mists and drastically reducing temperatures, this is more than possible.

Our outdoor rated patio and water misting fans offer the flexibility of residential patio cooling, outdoor event cooling, baseball dugouts, as well as heat stress relief for mechanic bays and machine shops. Desert climates often experience a temperature reduction of 30 degrees with our fans while humid regions usually enjoy about 20 degrees!

Make your family & friends happy with our outdoor cooling

In the heat of the summer, outdoor cooling fans invite friends and family outside as a first option, not a last resort. By providing outdoor cooling, we increase usable space, allow smokers a safe haven, and provide a unique patio fan system which pays for itself during the first season. From backyards to baseball facilities to state fairs, auto mechanic bays, and sheet metal shops our products can offer the finest outdoor event cooling available. These top of the line kits paired with stylish fans give you the capability to provide mist cooling to any area desired with minimal maintenance. Unlike some water misting fans, our outdoor mist cooling fans enable the mist to flash evaporate quicker, leaving a delightful cooling breeze wherever desired.

However, the benefits of Cool-Off's Low Pressure Misting Fans are not just skin deep. They also make the outdoors a safer place for those prone to heat related illnesses. Able to cover large areas of up to 6500 cubic feet, these fans can help regulate body temperatures of large crowds, or simply, well-loved individuals.

All in all, whether it's a matter of personal enjoyment, public appeal, or a loved one's safety, purchasing a Low Pressure Misting Fan is an investment well worth every penny. Cool-Off's Misting Fans have the capacity to improve quality of life and, moreover, help prevent heat related illnesses. That alone is priceless.

Installation of our patio cooling systems is surprisingly simple with mounting hardware, easy to follow instructions and live technical assistance all included. If you have heat issues to address you should call the professionals at     Cool-Off LLC today.