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Sports Misting

Optimal Mist Cooling for all types of Sporting Events including Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Golf, Auto Racing & more

Misting Systems by Cool-Off utilize high performance fans, nozzles, fittings, tubing and filters. 

Being in the sun is part of summer sports fun, but getting too hot is dangerous. Protect your coaches and your team with sports misting fans. Whether your team is made up of little leaguers or big, it's important to stay safe. Sports misting fans are great for dugout cooling and sideline misting. Some of the most popular sports are played in the sunshine: baseball, football, softball, soccer, and tennis. Players and coaches agree: sideline cooling is a must. 

Washcloths and water bottles can only do so much. Avoid the dangers of heat-related illnesses. Don't leave your team in the sun to develop rashes, exhaustion, or even heat stroke. Caps and sunscreen keep the burns away, but not the heat. For dugout cooling, sideline misting, and sideline cooling, one solution is better than all the rest. Don't make your team sweat it out. Keep them cool with sports misting fans.

Teams and coaches rely on our easy to install commercial grade cooling systems that hang or attach almost anywhere and produce a chilling cool mist of water, so fine that none of the players, coaches, cheerleaders or fans get wet.

Mist Effects

Misting System

Imagine its 96 degrees on the baseball field, and there isn't even a sliver of shade in sight. Even in the baseball dugout, it feels like it's over 90 degrees. Though they won't be as active as they would be in a football game, the kids are going to sweat a ton as they stand on the field during today's baseball game. The team mom brings five coolers full of water, but water isn't going to cool them down when they come into the dugout between innings -- it will just keep them from dehydrating. Is there anything else that can be done to keep these kids safe from the growing concern of heat stress?

Corporation President Dave Shank says "If you watch baseball or football games on television in the summer months, the answer is staring you smack the face: a misting system. They're those big, industrial-looking fans that spray a cool mist of fog over the overheated players' bodies."