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  1. 14" High Pressure Misting Fan Kits w/1000 PSI Remote Control Pump
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  3. 20" (Oscillating) High Pressure Misting Fan Kits w/1000 PSI Remote Control Pump
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Misting Fans Are Like Outdoor Air Conditioners

Air conditioners and other automated cooling devices have made life more comfortable during warmer days. But there are times when conventional ACs are not practical or affordable. Fortunately, Cool-Off has a handy solution: a cool mist fan.

Creating a relaxing oasis at home, business, restaurant, or event has never been such a breeze. Without question, misting fans produce the greatest cooling effect because they offer the addition of a wind chilling factor to the long proven benefits of mist cooling. Quality craftsmanship, built for lasting use and priced for any budget, our misting fans represent top- notch outdoor comfort.

Eliminate the heat with the soothing feeling of a chilling breeze without getting wet.

Restaurants give customers a reason to enjoy their outdoor patio, even when it’s sweltering with the simple installation of our 18 inch misting fans in either black or white color options. These allow a low cost, easy to operate way to turn a patio into an attraction rather than an area to avoid in the summer months.

The same can be done in a back yard setting by aiming various misting fans where you spend your time; at the dining table, chaise lounges, BBQ area, or toward your umbrella covered seating. Our customers have gotten very creative, mounting theirs to the ceiling, walls, or posts and cover a distance of up to 15-18 feet. For larger areas, consider our 24 inch oscillating fans that will chill a 90 degree swath of heat up to 35 feet from the blades. Customers report ambient temperature reductions of 20-25 degrees on the hottest of days. Enjoy a cool 75-80 degree patio when others are sweating it out in the triple digits.

Durable & Built to Last

Our outdoor misting fans are designed for a wide range of sporting events, from football, soccer, and baseball games to marathons, motor sports and driving ranges. These fans create a mist heavy enough to provide cooling but not so heavy as to be a distraction to players or spectators. Many event organizers consider misting fans essential for success during heat stricken months.

The problems of heat stress in industrial settings can be insurmountable, but not so with the use of our High Pressure Cool Mist fans. Imagine the difference in your workers performance when there is a chilling breeze to negate the heat and humidity. That leads to more time on the job, less breaks, better quality control, increased employee morale, and elimination of OSHA incidents. Simply put, fans that only move hot air around do little to reduce intense heat issues in the workplace.

The most effective method of cooling areas is through the use of chilled air directed at areas of need... big or small. It could be a warehouse or it could be a work station. Using high pressure misting pumps (900-1000 PSI) with stainless steel misting rings attached to high velocity oscillating fans will reduce the ambient temperature by 20-25 degrees with additional wind chill factors. Most importantly, dozens of fans can be powered by a single high pressure pump.

Now consider livestock environments. It is factual that cows give more milk and chickens lay more eggs when their body temperatures are reduced. Our misting fans are even used in many of the most progressive zoos in the United States to keep their prized residents healthy and happy. Commercial kennels consider misting fans a necessity to pamper the pooches of their customers who will pay a premium to care for their beloved pets.

Three Basic Types of Misting Fans

There are three basic types of misting fans include high, medium, and low pressure. In all cases, you get what you pay for. Depending on the water pressure coming out of the nozzle and it's orifice size, the misting particulates will vary in size. The higher the pressure and the smaller the nozzle opening, the finer the mist. This in turn allows for faster evaporation, great heat reduction, and greatly reduced moisture on people, work surfaces, or flooring. In very dry parts of the world, low pressure systems (50-80 PSI) can be quite adequate, but in very humid environments they will tend to produce significant wetting. Mid Pressure fan systems (160-200 PSI) offer a very attractive and affordable solution for those finding it difficult to choose between the high and low pressure models.

significant benefit of High Pressure Fans is that many fans can be run off a single pump. Mid pressure units are limited to about 4 fans and low pressure to a single fan. All this said, any pressure fan will do what it is intended for making life more enjoyable and livable during the dog days of summer.

Portable Misting Fans for Varied Applications

Cooling down a home, business, restaurant, or event has never been easier. By utilizing the effectiveness of mist cooling, a portable mist fan easily makes the heat bearable, especially during the summer months. Cool-Off’s misting fans come with top-notch craftsmanship and durability, all at competitive price points. Reliable, long-lasting outdoor cooling is now accessible to all, whether for stationary or on-the-go applications. Come and see what we have in store.

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