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Commercial Fogging Systems

Commercial Fogging Kits are hugely popular with the entertainment industry. Fog Risers & Fogging Nozzles produce a multitude of effects for Theme Parks, Water Parks, Restaurants & Resorts, Casinos, Fun Centers, Zoos & Aquariums, and Museum Exhibits & Displays. Our customized packages offer a myriad of fogging accessories that can be used to create visual effects that are both mysterious and mesmerizing.

For industrial purposes, especially in more arid climates, Industrial Fogging Kits can be used for turbine cooling, by increasing the power output of gas turbines through increasing the inlet air density with significant energy savings.

HVAC/Humidification Fogging Systems can assist in process stability by reducing static electricity with minimal operating costs.

Odor Control fogging systems eliminate or greatly reduce microbial decomposition odors and noxious smells from food processing plants, composting facilities, landfills, refineries, and numerous waste processing venues.

Cool-Off Fogging Systems are very effective in Dust Control and Dust Suppression for industrial sites that can be both a health hazard and impact on operating machinery.