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Residential Fogging Systems

Fogging Systems typically appeal to homeowners wanting to create the ultimate sanctuary to beat the summer heat. Cool-Off Residential Fogging System Kits are designed to create dramatic fogging effects for Landscapes, Fountains & Pool Decks, Hot Tubs, Waterfalls, Grottos, or anywhere you can imagine.

All Fogging Kits utilize our exclusive 1000 PSI Premium Edition Pumps, Nozzles, and Fittings. Cool-Off also sells special fog risers that make it quick and easy to transform your backyard into your own tropical setting. Users have the option to choose from single fog heads or triple fog heads; therefore allowing them to control the thickness of the fog as well as being able to adjust the mist in any direction.

One of our most popular new products, Memory Tubes, allow you to artistically design your own personal fogging effects by bending and shaping the special tubing however you like. Choose to put them behind or inside Cactus, Plants, Rocks, and Palm Trees; the limits are virtually endless!