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  1. 350' Ultra Mega Mist High Pressure Misting Kit

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Misting Systems - The Outdoor Air Conditioner

Misting System - Las Vegas

Cool-Off LLC is here to help you choose the best misting system for your particular situation. Our consultants are accustomed to working with architects, engineers, builders, and homeowners. At Cool-Off.Com, you will find countless arrays of different misting kits and associated products. To get a better idea of what would be the best choice please read on for the different types of systems and their various applications. As you explore our portable systems to our Mega Mist System keep in mind we are here to guide you or answer any questions you may have.

Overview of Our Misting technologies

Let’s begin our overview of misting products with the flexibility of bringing mist anywhere with our portable systems. We have tested and researched portable misting products worldwide and have designed our very own state of the art system. Cool-Off LLC is proud to bring our custom portable pump to satisfy your needs. When using this Portable Misting Pump alone it can generate a chilling breeze at 60-100 PSI for an extended amount of time. Get on board with the soccer parents, swim teams and outdoor events that have relieved their athletes and patrons when a garden hose is not accessible. All of our pop up tents are customizable and can be fitted with our 30’ patio mister kit that include 16 nozzles around the perimeter.

What makes our tent selection simply the best !!!

Our most popular Mid-Pressure misting system is ready to cool your area as much as 15-25 degrees! Having access to power and water, this pump delivers the kind of relief your guests will enjoy outside during these normally avoided peak sun and heat hours. Planning events to avoid the heat is no longer needed when our misting tents are up and running.

Trending Stuffs About our Cool-Off Technology

Misting System Las Vegas

Within our misting system selections we have Low Pressure, Mid Pressure, High Pressure and Fogging systems to choose from. When exploring a solution to satisfy the cooling needs of your next project or event, please don’t hesitate to share your design thoughts with our friendly experts so the proper selection can be made. As with all Cool-Off products, what we enjoy most is seeing you satisfied and that leads to the ultimate success of our company.

The famous low pressure misting system kits come in 20’ and 30’ lengths with nozzles spaced every 24 inches and it runs at the average garden hose strength of 50-70 PSI. At such an inexpensive price point, word of mouth is often our best salesperson. What better way to be able to share the misting experience than with a kit you can assemble and operate from any garden hose that includes all necessary fittings, along with an in-line filter and a splitter. Whether for yourself or a friend, these beauties make great gifts time and time again!

Stepping up from low pressure, we introduce our mid pressure misting system. By adding a mid- range pump, we create a finer fog that evaporates more rapidly and reduces the temperature by an additional 5-10 degrees over the low pressure unit. Our specially designed pump creates a generous 180-200 PSI and will power up to 25 nozzles evenly over the length of the run. This system includes 50 feet of tubing in either black or white and all necessary fittings, tube mounts, in-line filter, and 20 push lock misting tees, all standard. Additional tubing and nozzles can, of course, be added at minimal cost, which allows extra distance and the capability or covering up to 100 linear feet. This is sure to bring much desired intimacy and comfort to a once sun-uncomfortable setting. Without question the pump addition will provide what people agree on; a cooler desired finishing touch to you outdoor, work or patio living space.

For those that demand the very finest and for larger cooling projects we offer our 1000 PSI system that can be used in even the most humid environments. Our high pressure misting systems have been featured around the world and deliver a premium cooling experience for guests, employees, athletes, personal enjoyment, and restaurant patios. These misting systems can also be used for ground-scape effects and dust and odor suppression. The combination of high pressure and tiny misting nozzles combine to produce incredible results that do not wet furniture or people, but rather just cool the surroundings.

Key to proper cooling for a high pressure system is

    • To resize the pump properly to the number of nozzles to be used. 

    • If the pump is too small it will not adequately activate the nozzles, leaving wet spots and unhappy patrons. 

    • If the pump is too large it will tend to recycle water because the nozzles cannot utilize all the pump flow. 

    • Over time this will heat up and wear out the O-rings and other internal parts that will cause breakdown.

    • This is, of course easy to prevent by simply buying the right flow volume pump.

Our pumps have four sizes that cover most personal and commercial requirements.

The smallest flow is 1/8th GPM and the largest is 2.9 GPM. This covers the entire range of 4 to 140 nozzles. Of course, larger pumps are available for unique projects. Naturally, nozzles are available in different size orifices to allow the mist to be appropriate for the humidity. Our standard kits come with 10, 20, 40, 80 or 140 nozzles, but that can be easily modified with a simple phone call or email. 

Now be prepared to Shift the Climate with our high pressure misting system, boasting an incredible 350’ of cooling and a variety of one hundred and forty .006’ nozzles or one hundred and forty .008” nozzles to create the customizable experience of ultimate cooling power. Our customers have been loyal to our brand in this featured product for years and will for years to come. It is with your vision and ours that we create unheard of solutions to help create the experience you desire.

Make the most of your business with our Misting Machine technologies

Our Custom Fogging Systems have brought the most notoriety, but aren’t limited to world famous Japanese Tea Gardens and millionaire grottos. In outdoor settings, fog can provide AC pre-cooling for homes, industrial buildings or for engines to cool to specifications. For industrial settings our fogging systems provide dust suppression in some of the biggest mills and factories in the world. For more ideas on ways to utilize our misting and fogging products please contact our team, as we have been providing creative solutions for years. Let your dreams be a reality and start utilizing misting and fogging to their full potential.


How much water does outdoor misting system require? This is highly consequential to be aware of! Water usage of a misting system simply depends on the type of system used, but it is said that between 600ml and 800ml of water is used approximately per minute. In order to estimate water use of a misting system, there are three things you need to know:

  • The type of nozzle
  • Number of nozzles
  • Frequency of use
  • Water pressure of the system


In order to create a cooling mist, the size of the mist nozzle opening which is coined as the orifice is balanced by the system's water pressure and flow rate (amount of water). In general, nozzles have a tendency to squirt less water at lower pressures compared to high pressures. As a matter of fact, at lower water pressures mist nozzles will not make the grade to toil. When the pressure of the water at the nozzle increases, there will be an augmentation in the flow rate through the nozzle. So, the higher the water pressure, the slighter the nozzle opening is needed.

Larger misting should be used with low and medium pressure systems and smaller nozzles should be used with high pressure misting systems. Sending fine mist will turn out to be a problem if you select a nozzle of smaller size; this is because the pump won't be able to send a sufficient amount of water through the nozzle and vice versa. It is not a matter of "more is better", but it is all about a sense of balance.

  • .012" / .3 mm -used for most of the systems, it works at its best for medium pressure misting systems. It provides minimal moisture, and complete evaporation, suggested for both open and enclosed areas.
  • .008" / .2 mm -perfect for systems using less water capacity with small droplet size, minimal moisture, and complete evaporation. Works its best for High pressure misting systems.
  • .006" / .15 mm –It provides similar results to the .008" nozzle.


The amount of water used by your misting system also depends on the number of nozzles. Number of nozzles required is determined by several factors such as the water pressure, flow rate at the spigot, size of the pipes that are delivering the water to misting nozzles.


Water droplet size that makes up the mist is the determining factor of the cooling effect. Evaporation of each of the little droplet is what cools the air around, compared to smaller droplets; bigger ones take just about one thousandth of a second longer. Chances are there for you to get wet, if they land on you before they are evaporated completely, on the other hand, if you end up being in a fairly dry air, this can feel amazing, as the water evaporates off of your skin. Nevertheless, in case of extreme humid weather it can turn out to be uncomfortable. The smaller droplets evaporating mid-air creates a stronger cooling effect which is coined as flash evaporation.

  • If the diameter of mist dewdrops is condensed by one-half, the amount of droplets produced with a given volume is amplified by octa counts.
  • Increasing twofold the droplet diameter will cut down the number produced by octa counts.

Listed below are the nozzle sizes' using 1000 psi / 70 bars and it denotes sampling of water droplet sizes. Measured in microns, this will help out in estimating the water use of a misting system. 1 micron is .001mm; let's have a look at the nozzle size and the droplets range

  • .012" / .3 mm - 1.6 microns to 39.1 microns
  • .008" / .2 mm - 1.4 microns to 37.9 microns
  • .006" / .15 mm - 1.2 microns to 36.4 microns

When you are aware of the water pressure you want to use then you can pick out a mist nozzle. For instance, if you choose a nozzle that uses 13.5 GPH (gallons per hour) / 51.1 LPH (liters per hour) (ballpark figure), this multiplied by the number of nozzles say 5, then it would come up to 13.5 GPH / 51.1 LPH multiplied by 5 = 67.5 GPH / 255 LPH. Taking this a step further to estimate the water use, you will have to append the running hours of the system. For example, if its 5 hours, then 67.5 GPH / 255 LPH multiplied by 5= 337.5 gallons /1275 liters per 5 hours.

Note- Nozzle flow rates may fluctuate depending on your home's water pressure.

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