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California Umbrellas

California Umbrellas

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Stamping its mark for over sixty years, California Umbrellas is the leader in outdoor shade solutions!
They are highly acknowledged for the following company characteristics:

  • Innovation
  • Longevity
  • Quality

California umbrella for home convenience, value and performance:

All umbrellas are designed to enrich your experience while letting you and your guests enjoy the afternoon and evening outside. Tilt, twist, turn and multiply the design options for your outdoor space with the wide-ranging versatility and strength of these dynamic shade structures. Well-known for its sun resistant fabrics to their easy opening and closing mechanisms, California Umbrellas are at the forefront of design and manufacturing in the patio umbrella industry. With far-reaching standards in engineering and innovation, the canopy designs are limited only by the imagination. If you are looking for outdoor patio umbrellas that are artistic, innovative and of high quality, look no further than California Umbrellas. With a deepened commitment to excellence, California Umbrella’s experience in sourcing materials and fabrics is second to none. The best part is that you will be prepared and ready with greater capacity and more options depending on your upcoming projects and events. The main production goal of California Umbrella is to serve you when you need it, irrespective of your requirement, whether you need just one umbrella for a backyard bistro table or 200 umbrellas for a magnificent resort or 2,000 umbrellas for all your locations we’ll make sure you're covered. Shop from our hundreds of attractive and durable styles to add instant recognition to your outdoor space! 

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