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Turn Your Blazing Patio into a Refreshing Abode with FIM Flexy Umbrellas

The summer heat can be oppressive, especially when the natural shade around your house is absent or unpredictable. Maybe it has even become normal for you to shift to new locations around your patio every ten minutes as the scorching beams traverse your yard. Fortunately, there is a simple and affordable way to put the sun in its place and even relish those humid days. With FIM Flexy patio umbrellas, you can have effortless control over the sun’s impact on your outdoor space. These European-style sun shields are different from other patio umbrellas because they are versatile, unobtrusive, simple to install, and easy to maintain. With over 75 years of experience in their history of patio umbrella design and production, FIM can equip you with the durable sun protection you need to stay safe each summer -- and, most importantly, enjoy cool comfort on even the hottest days.

The wide rectangular structure and lofty height of Flexy umbrellas create a vast amount of shade without seeming to exist at all. Their flexible design allows you to tilt and rotate the canopy for optimal coverage. Unlike more complicated umbrellas that drain your mental and physical energy, the tilting mechanisms in Flexy umbrellas are literally just as easy as the touch of a button or a few cranks. Maintenance usually requires only a garden hose and possibly some mild soap. In the case of more extreme damage, no need to fear: FIM provides alternate canopies that fit the frame you already have, providing an affordable option for replacement -- and reassurance in the case of a thunderstorm. However, this damage is rare with FIM umbrellas since they are made of strong aluminum supports and high-grade fabric.

The versatility of Flexy umbrella frames allows for a plethora of placement options. Since they utilize an offset design, which extends the canopy with just a strong slab base and vertical support system, there is no obtrusive pole that could limit your choices to only the outdoor table. Is a specific area on your lawn in dire need of some ray relief? Does your pool deck feel like a stove? Is the patio in front of your house an unfortunate target of the sun’s burning beams? Even outdoor dining tables without umbrella holes, outdoor hot tubs, sandboxes, and grass volleyball courts can be protected with Flexy’s unique awning model. The uncomplicated and easy-to-use structure of these umbrellas will fit your specific shading needs in a cinch.

The smooth contemporary style of Flexy umbrellas are designed to beautifully complement outdoor scenery. Unlike other umbrellas, which needlessly detract from the natural landscape with their bright colors, overplayed patterns, and complex frame structures, Flexy umbrellas give the outdoor surroundings a sleek and polished addition. With sixteen colors and eight sizes to choose from, you can unite fashion and superb sun relief with your own personality and needs. The aluminum frames and gorgeous fade-proof fabric of Flexy umbrellas will equip you with a shading system that is high-quality, durable, affordable, and luxurious.

With FIM Flexy patio umbrellas, you can have both supreme sun protection and style. Every area in your yard -- front and back -- will become a possibility for get-togethers and community barbecues with these trusty shades. Daytime pool parties at your house will become all the rage in your neighborhood. Picnic lunches on your lawn will become a new family tradition. Sun safety will become your next-best friend -- aside from the summers you’ll enjoy without sweaty and sun-burnt reminders of the blazing rays. Embrace the coolness each and every summer with FIM Flexy.

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