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Enjoy your Outdoor Events with Shademaker Astral Patio Umbrellas

Even though summer's temperatures are not always favorable, the season serves as the perfect time to go out and enjoy pool parties, sporting events, or dining at your favorite restaurant. However, in some of the places like Arizona, Texas and California, the sun can be scorching hot, making people seek refuge. Cool-off has the solution for this with the Shademaker Astral line of umbrellas will make your outdoor event more fun and enjoyable.

To enhance maximum coverage, you can choose the 16'4” Shademaker Astral octagon pulley lift umbrella, made with an aluminum frame and a fade-resistant canvas. This umbrella is made of high-performance fabrics and high-quality aluminum alloy, allowing it to provide excellent shade and comfort. Also, the umbrella comes with a heavy-duty mast and rib wall, making it durable and long-lasting. These patio umbrellas have a wind rating of 8 on the Beaufort scale, making them a must-have for the summer season in areas with gale force winds.

Cool-Off also offers the smaller 13'1” aluminum umbrella that has the same characteristics as Shademaker Astral patio umbrella 16'4”, and it comes with a protective cover. These patio umbrellas have telescopic masts and a stainless steel pulley system that enables easy opening and closing of the canopy.

The Shademaker Astral line of patio umbrellas are ideal for sporting facilities, resorts, restaurants, and country clubs. You can customize the color of your umbrellas to match the theme of your other outdoor decor. Besides offering comfort to your visitors, these patio umbrellas add a unique touch of style to any environment.

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