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Stay Cool on the Hottest Days With a Shademaker Polaris Umbrella:

It's fun to get outdoors for a barbecue, a pool party, or a sporting event. Many of these outdoor activities, however, take place during the summer, when temperatures can soar into the 90s or 100s. That kind of heat can make any outdoor activity less enjoyable. But you can beat the summer heat with a Polaris Shademaker patio umbrella.

There are several types of these patio umbrellas to choose from, including the Shademaker Polaris 9'9 Crank Lift Offset Umbrella. It offers 95 square foot coverage and has a lift handle that can rotate the umbrella a full 360 degrees. The Polaris 9'9 comes with the options of commercial awning and furniture grade fabric, and can be fitted with stainless steel hardware to help it last longer. You can also purchase 11'5 Crank Lift Offset Shademaker Patio Umbrella. This model offers 131 square feet of coverage and can also be rotated 360 degrees. Another feature is its easy tilt system. An even larger model is the Polaris Aluminum 13'1 Crank Lift Offset Square Umbrella. It has 172 square feet of coverage, a galvanized steel internal mast stem/powder coated base plate, and stainless steel hardware for increased durability.

All these patio umbrellas are offered in a wide variety of colors to match the outdoor decor of your home. If you operate a sports facility, pick a color that matches that of your team. These umbrellas are also perfect for restaurants that offer patio dining to give customers relief from the sun. For those planning wedding receptions or reunions, these patio umbrellas will also come in handy. Buying these products from means you are assured of great customer service. You can also customize your order and many products come with free shipping.

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