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Summer is the perfect time for lounging outside, spending time in the pool, and enjoying cookouts with friends. However, when faced with the direct heat from the sun, many people find that it is too hot for them to comfortably enjoy their time outdoors. While this is not only disappointing for everyone, it can be tragic for business owners whose livelihood depends on outdoor entertainment. This is where the Shademaker patio umbrella step in to save the day.

For more than ten years, Shademaker umbrellas have been a favorite among the world’s most high-class resorts, restaurants, and country clubs. Crafted with the best quality, these patio umbrellas present a touch of class along with stunning results.

The Shademaker Sirius umbrellas are designed to provide intense protection from the heat of the sun while allowing the greatest air flow. When your patrons are resting or playing under a Shademaker Sirius umbrella, they can enjoy the best that summer has to offer without the stifling heat of the sun.

Available in a wide variety of different colors and fabric designs, these patio umbrellas are the perfect fit for any location. Whether you own a classy restaurant, a relaxed pool, or an island-style resort, the Shademaker patio umbrella comes in styles that are perfect for your area.

High-quality craftsmanship and made with only top-of-the-line products, these patio umbrellas are designed to provide optimum protection and comfort, with a long-life expectancy. With steel stems and fittings, these umbrellas can stand up to the harsh effects of nature and you can rest assured that they are safe during rain and storms.
Some Shademaker umbrellas have the capacity to lift as high as eleven feet off of the ground, and can be mounted on concrete, wood, or in-ground.

Use the Shademaker umbrella to provide your guests with the comfort they will appreciate, and keep them coming back to your establishment.

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