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A Shade of Green: How Shademaker Patio Umbrellas Increase Your Bottom Line
Cocktails on the patio. Gourmet coffee at a street-side cafe. A long date spent in a corner where two people fall in love. These count as just a few of the images that people think about when they think about patio umbrellas at restaurants, country clubs, sporting venues, and beach-side resorts. And it's an experience that people will pay top dollar to have.

And no other umbrella does quite the job that a Shademaker patio umbrella does when it comes to creating an atmosphere. Whether it's an umbrella you position over the end of a pool at a health spa or a free-standing umbrella placed between two tables, these beautiful umbrellas bring not only protection from the sun, but sophistication to any seating area.

In practical terms, the restaurant or bar can increase the bottom line of their company if they have a patio area with umbrellas. The single act of putting 10 four-top tables and the same number of umbrellas on the patio can increase a club or restaurant's seating capacity by as many as 40 or 50 people per hour. While most bar, hotel, and restaurant patrons love to sit outside in the warmer months, too much sun can put the kibosh on that. It just gets too hot.

However, the Shademaker patio umbrella has a wide brim that covers a lot of floor area. These patio umbrellas feature a sturdy canvas brim that resists fading, so they'll look vibrant and continue to attract visitors to your outdoor seating areas for many years.

Some of the umbrellas stand on legs, while others have the hinged arm and base set up. They also range in size from six feet to over 11 feet, giving you plenty of options for placement: Other models depend on a table with a hole in the middle to keep them upright. This free-standing feature allows you to cluster of patio umbrellas where they're needed and move just them - and not the tables - when they're not.

All of these features mean that your guests can sit outside and enjoy your establishment and each other, without the heat, without the eye strain, and without the sunburn.


Contemporary Nautical Influence
360° rotation on Orion & Sirius
Easily detachable canopy on Orion & Nova
Preferred small footprint


10 years - Galaxy, Orion
5 years - Astral-TC, Polaris, Sirius, Corona, Nova
10 years - Sunbrella® Awning Grade fabrics
5 years - O'bravia™ Awning Grade fabrics


Silver anodized finish from superior aluminum alloy
Heavy duty mast & rib wall thickness
Highest performance fabrics
Replaceable parts

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