Right Angle Shade Sails

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Don't waste your time looking for shade this summer, just get a shade sail from Cool-Off.
Keep Cool with Shade Sails
Imagine how much better your summer would look if you could view it from the cool, comfortable shade of a decorative triangle shade sail. Make your yard or patio unforgettable by combining this triangle shade sail with a few other shapes and sizes to create a canopy that's both enjoyable to look at and useful for keeping cool. Consider a monochrome canopy of different shapes and sizes for a contemporary look, or go playful by mixing up the color scheme. The possibilities are endless, and you can't go wrong with these cool shades!

For Business Owners 
Nothing kills revenue like uncomfortable seating. If you want to improve your outdoor seating, increase your usable space, and keep your clients coming back for more, consider investing in some shade sails. They will protect your patio from the uncomfortably hot sun, while still allowing clients to enjoy the warm summer breeze. Shade sails will also provide a cool, contemporary look for your outdoor space. The uniqueness of the shades will stick in clients' minds, and the experience of enjoying the outdoors comfortably will ensure that they recommend you to all of their friends.

For Home Owners
Shade sails are also great additions to private homes, where they can protect your backyard barbecues and pool parties from sunburn and extreme heat. The best way to enjoy summer is lounging on the patio, watching the kids play in the bright sunlight while you keep cool in the shade and sip on your ice-cold drink. Feel the wind ruffling your hair and clothes, and listen to the sounds of summer. You don't want to miss that by sitting inside and hiding from the heat, do you? Your friends and family will appreciate the extra sun protection, and you'll appreciate the summer fun.
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