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Triangle Shade Sails

Shade and UV Protection? Yes Please!

What is worse than ants and other bugs at a picnic? How about no relief from the blazing sun? Summer days provide the beautiful scenery for perfect outdoor meals, parties, and get-togethers. Children want to run around barefoot and enjoy their days. In a perfect world, every house would have a porch and every porch would have an 18 inch misting fan. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that mist fans and misting fans are expensive and require a professional to install, and many homes have porches or decks without so much as roof. What is the use of large patio on a hot day if there is no shade? Long summer days can make patio wood and stone too hot for bare feet and offers no protection from the sun’s dangerous rays.

Triangle shade sails provide sixteen feet of shade and rain protection wherever needed. This makes them a perfect option for children’s play areas as well as family homes. Triangle shades require no professional installation and can be put up in minutes. Not only will triangle shade sails provide blockage from UV rays, they also make the space up to twenty degrees cooler. 

Triangle sail shades are made from knitted, not woven, material that won’t fray and all parts are made from Marine quality stainless steel. Large triangle shade sails can be put up on patios, balconies, over play yards, and even pool side! Installing a triangle shade sail over your pool will not only keep leaves and debris from the water, but provides much needed UV protection. 

When hiring a contractor to build a roof or install 18 inch misting fans around the perimeter of your home is out of the question, triangle shade sails provide a budget friendly, high-quality, easy to install alternative that is both fashionable and provides safe protection from the sun.

A Fun Way to Make Some Shade

If there's something that every outdoor get-together needs, it's a cool place to get away from the sun and relax. Be it by the pool or at the park, a shade sail can help provide instant relief from the hot sun. If you're in the market to buy a shade sail, consider shade sails that offer the broadest coverage.

While shade sails do come in many different styles, sizes and colors, many consumers prefer triangle shade sails. These products offer excellent shade while having only three tie-down points, decreasing the time it takes to set one up. What's more, the shape is unique and it gives the picnic, beach or pool area a fun look.